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The Lion Hearted Man By Empress Mo



Adebowale Aderonke: The Lion, oh behold the king of the jungle !

The one who roars and all other animals run into hiding

Behold the animal with a majestic entrance of a king, who dares look into his eyes nor confront his majesty

How beautiful is it’s hair structured to give it such adoring look.

The fearless and relentless fighter whose spirit never gives up even in the face of fight and challenges.

Welcome to the realm of the Lion hearted Man, the ones who are so endowed with the spirit of ruling their world no matter the opposition or challenges on board, they are fighters who would always seek ways to find solutions to problems and obstacles no wonder they are called problem solvers. Their majestic entrance into anything they find their hands to do just like a lion is aimed at making a name for themselves whose words and voice are force to reckon with, they specially adores themselves like a lion with their charisma and creativity style which is also distinct in the crowd.

Oh, how courageous are the Lion hearted Man who never stops believing in their dream, they are fearless fighters like the Lion kingdom who fights enemies and preys till they overcome and devour them,the human lion would fight obstacles and never stop till solutions are discovered in solving challenges and problems. Intimidation is never their keyword but bravery and sagacity is their trademark. They are differences maker in their chosen fields, careers and professions, they are so productive.

People often say lions are lazy but the true concept is they could lie for hours or day, thinking and awaiting a prey to come by and they devour so also a lion hearted Man might be seen as lazy, carefree, social and nonchalant but in the honest truth, they are using these avenues to strategize and think of ways to launch a new them into action and strike grounds for success.

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Lions are known for their personal strength, they always appear powerful in the animal kingdom which reflects in human with lion heart of their fearless and self-confidence spirit, they are strong, are good explorers, adventurous, brave and determined to succeed. The Lion urine in a circle and roars before going into its hideout, his roar sets other animals around to run in fear and whoever runs and enters that circle becomes it’s prey this the Lion did in his waiting and patience period so also a man with the Lion spirit could be patient enough to plan, execute and strike out, they are good hustlers, very hardworking and never stops till they achieve their goals.

Lion as a king of the jungle symbolize leadership and authority which translates in human that they love to be in authority and leadership post, they make their voice and works a top-notch and recommendable for leadership post, they are always at the frontline making a name for themselves.

Lions are aggressive and have tempers which makes their roars heard across the jungle, the Lion hearted Man do become aggressive when stepped upon by enemies or rivals and mostly always retaliate, they also set a boundary whoever crosses that bound becomes their prey and they become aggressive and disassociate from such person.

The Lion as a goal-getter never gives up on his prey till he chase and catches up on them to devour so also the man with the Lion spirit he never gives up, always focus on what he wants to achieve and become in life and do everything it takes to bring such to actualization.

Despite being the king of the jungle, the Lion has a period of ‘Shadow Self’ where he goes into hideout, so also a lion hearted Man has their period of withdrawal when they just want to be alone and think, plans and strategize for their next move, they go into withdrawal to re-evaluate themselves and come out a better version to the world.

The beauty of the Lion hearted Man is they are fighters who never gives up until they conquer and rule their world.

Adebowale Aderonke Empress Mo

Adebowale Aderonke Empress Mo

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