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The Beauty In Our Imperfections By Empress Mo



“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility”—Leo Tolstoy

We talk about marriages break-ups, relationship break-ups, broken homes and so on, but have we really dug deep to discuss causes and accept individuals blame to hold each others accountable?

A lot of marriages today are folding up and having so much heat seasons because we can’t tolerate one another’s weakness. we can’t endure days of dryness knowing fully well every season won’t be so rosy.

Feminism has made women see ourselves equal to our husbands in the home. Patriarchy has eaten the better part of our men who now see themselves as Lords and can’t even seek their wives opinion on some decisions that would affect the home and their lives.

Insecurity and inferiority complex makes most spouse debar progress for each other, when you begin to think you can’t measure up to your spouse (low self esteem) why not tackle that with self awareness. If you have a spouse that honours and respect you, why give each other baggage of issue or trouble, I don’t think it’s worth it.

If you are displeased with your spouse behaviour or anything , go to your War Room and knee before the maker for a change, sooner than you think your are answered and you gradually see the change you really dreamt of.

Let’s be realistic and factual here, sometimes spirituality had done more harm than good in most homes, why come to church and always have your home affairs on the table of discussion everytime with your pastors, counselors or church folks, ohh you think they don’t have their own troubles 😂😂😂 but instead of talking endlessly they proffer solution and work on it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t share issue /burden but before you do, what solution or step have you taken.

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When you still allow parental control over your marriage, you should know it isn’t going to be an easy ride or peaceful atmosphere in such home.

Nowadays we don’t have much influence on the kids as the grow(especially this generation) not to talk of a grown man or woman still feeding the home with daddy so pe, mummy so pe (Not a bad idea to seek marital advise from our parents but not rubbing their stronghold of influence on each others faces).

I stand to be corrected on some reasons or opinions shared above, we all are learning and like its been said “There’s no manual for marriage or “There is no fix – all marriage manual “, you just have to understand the uniqueness you share as couple, adjust and improve daily but in all, I am not a fan of domestic or violent marriage, when you notice those red flags, please speak up… It is better to loose the home than ones life.

I dedicate this post to every strong mom and every other godly woman out there who are daily building their home and indirectly building a better society.

I remain Yours,

Deronke Adebowale

(Empress Mo)

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