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A Letter To Myself By Adebowale Aderonke



Adebowale Aderonke, Empress M'o

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” – Rupi Kaur

Dear Self,

Thank you so much for becoming this amazing soul, you have grown up to be. So beautiful in and out.

So loving, caring, gentle to a fault that sometimes I look at you in the mirror and am like whatever had happened to your Past, you have so groomed yourself to become better and picked your pieces up to become catalyst for a better tomorrow, you have become more humble and accomodating.

Each day am so surprised you who came from the trenches would be evolving to this Great Soul of today.

You have so developed yourself and keep doing that each day rebranding yourself.

Looking back to where you were coming from, all you have been through, many sleepless night in pains and discomforts, the disappointments, the betrayals, the hurt,the losses, the rejections, the disapproval and alots more you went through but in all of these, you choose to see the brighter side of the journey of life.

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You choose to see the beautiful rays of the rainbow, the better future yet unknown, the golden trophy ahead.

Dear Self, I just want to tell you am super proud of you and am your number one fan, you can achieve even more than all these, I am pleading to you just keep runninng, the line is closer than you started.

I love you each day till the last moment you drop the pen which will be many more years to come by God’s grace.

Keep soaring higher Self, God got you.

The day you start to appreciate and encourage the You on the inside is the day you start the race to self-love, fulfilment, accomplishments and success story, no one can cheer your on better than you do for yourself.

The best of you begins with you. Look into the mirror today and appreciate YOU for how far you have come.

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