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Ode Remo Youth Association Set To Launch Computer Training For Beginners



The Leadership of Ode Remo Youth Association is set to launch a massive training for teenagers, Youths and Adults.

The training is to be collaborated by Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi ICT Resource Centre and Ode Remo Youth Association.

The facilitator; Olatem Concept in a correspondent mentioned that the training will run for 8-12 weeks and will equip the trainee skills on Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power point, Coreldraw), Internet Basics, introduction to some useful applications, introduction to simple computer terms e.t.c

Every parent wants their children to get the best possible education. In today’s world, that should include learning how to use computers. Students of all ages receiving computer education will have numerous advantages over those who do not.

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The Association will give the training a wider publicity and this will be done through churches, mosques and the traditional worshippers not excluded. An official letter will be written to all stakeholders mentioned above while they make an adequate announcement in their various services. Artisans Association will also be contacted.

The Association will give exemption to larger numbers of people most especially teenagers and Youths on having the training “FREE OF CHARGE”. But this is a function of sponsorship received from people through moral and financial support.

Special Appreciation to the Town Hall Management Committee under the leadership of Alhaji M.O Sadiku who have given access to the facility and also support in some logistics areas and Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi (Asiwaju Ode Remo)

We recall that Asiwaju Bisi Adegbuyi donated a well equiped ICT and Resource Centre which is installed at the Town Hall.

“We are calling on Sons and Daughters of Ode Remo to support this project as it will enhance socio-economic development through human caption skills”, Onagbesan.

The Association declared that the training is for both educated and non educated people as this will not help students but also assist artisans on a long run while it will make us solve contemporary issues relating to information and Communication technology.