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Ode Remo Youths Raises Concern Over Commissioning Of Sagamu-Iperu-Ode Road, Others Decries Gov Abiodun



In a press statement released as signed by the Ode Remo youths and observed by The Eaglesforesight, there was displeasures in Remo over the Sagamu-Iperu-Ode road that’s proposed to be commissioned on Wednesday 29th of May, 2024.

Ode Remo Youths expresses their appreciation for the great work the administration of Governor Dapo Abiodun has embarked on so far.

“Your Excellency, permit us to humbly express our displeasure of seemingly marginalized. The recent announcement of the commissioning of the Sagamu-Iperu-Ode Remo road was a joyous news and we are excited about it but our concern stems from the fact that the construction of the road has not been completed up to the Ode Remo axis.”

“We recalled that ever since the road construction commenced, there was no trace that the road will get to Sapaade via Iperu/Ode Remo. A lots of cries and plea but no feedback from the government.”

“With utmost regard for our esteemed Governor’s office, as the voice of the people of Remo, we humbly wish to request for the following:

1. The reasons for the incomplete construction of the road, despite the announcement of its commissioning.

2. The timeline for the completion of the road construction up to the Ode Remo/Sapaade axis.

3. The measures to be taken to address the marginalization of our community in the allocation of developmental projects.

“We believe that every community deserves equal attention and development, and we hope that your administration will take our concerns seriously and take prompt action to address them.”

When our reporter reached out to the outgone Chairman of Remo Youth Association who is a reputable stakeholder in Ode Remo; Com. Yaya Onagbesan. He bitterly commented that; “It was a privilege and joyous thing to have a governor from our axis ‘Remo’ but devastating and bittered that the said road Sagamu-Iperu-Ode Remo is in a state of comatose and urgently calling for attention.”

The Youths are agitating for a quick extension of the road repair/construction due to the fact that the lots of accidents and robbery is occuring on the road because of its dilapidated state.

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Meanwhile, there was series of displeasures on a whatsapp platform where concern stakeholders has as well raised displeasures.

Below are few among the displeasures raised by some concern Remo stakeholders on online Remo Parliament whatsapp group.

Dr J.O. Lasisi said: “This information is highly misleading and a scam.”

“The people of Remo North are not expected to keep quiet over this.”

“Once commissioned, it is assumed done. How can the Governor deceive his people?”

Former Sagamu Youth Association President, Comrade Dare Fasasi said; “He who no get shame no dey shame🤣🤣🤣”

Comrade Bashiru Hammed Adewale popularly known as Prince Lahbash raises concern as well; “How can a sitting Governor deceive even his hometown people, is what’s baffling me here 😂”

Another community stakeholder from Sagamu in Remo, Mr Lukman Banjoko said; “This is the height of deceit! It would have been appropriate to caption it Sagamu/Iperu Road. We are waiting sha, some people were there before him”.

Bosun David Soyoye fondly call BDS also said: “The way things are going, O maa re baba gan before the end of the year cos na backlog dem dey clear for new administration. Ordinary Sagamu – Ode – Saapaade road dey get phases. Road without single flyover and underpass o 🌚”

1. Phase 1 (Earthwork/Drainages)

2. ⁠Phase 2 (One lane)

3. Phase 3 (Second lane)

4. ⁠Phase 4 (Drainage to Ode)

5. ⁠Phase 5 (One lane to Ode)
6. ⁠Phase 6 (Second lane to Ode)
7. ⁠Phase 7 (Drainage to Saapaade)
8. ⁠Phase 8 (One lane to Saapaade)
9. ⁠Phase 9 (Second lane to Saapaade

“E be like say na Cooperative money our government dey take do road for Remoland. 🌚”

Another whatsapp handler said; “The governor is unserious leader if truly the road stops at his house. At least, he should get it done to saapade polytechnic main gate.”

Meanwhile the former House of Assembly member from Remo North, Honourable Solomon Osho said; “The question is, the portion purportedly planned for commissioning tomorrow, does it actually end at “Ode Junction” as been expressly publicised? If not, then the announcement is deceitful.”

In response to the SSA to the Governor defense of Mr Dapo Abiodun, a stakeholder decries the response of Otunba Dare Odufowokan; “this is far from the fact known to Remo indigenes.”

“The road was contracted and meant to be commissioned in Dec 2022.It was a six months contract July to Dec from Area Command to Saapade.”

“The contract billboard was removed when we were calling the attention of the Gov to it during electioneering period that the project had over stayed.”

“The project was never in phases ,the information about phases is strange, fabricated and unacceptable.”

“If the project was in phases ,why the deceit that it stopped at Ode Junction?Which of the Junction?What happened to the rest part of the road that is due for Commissioning?”

“It is a big blow on Remo North and no preliminary work is ongoing as we speak, you can drive down to confirm.”

“The people of Remo insist ,the Road stops at the frontage of the Governor’ house.”

“Why preliminary work for a job that started In July 2022?

“We should stop assisting the government for being deceitful .It is tax payers money and not a gift that deserves a thank you!”

“If the project is in phases,then it shouldn’t be commissioned until it completed.”

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