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Wale Kuku’s New Generation Announces The Kick-off Of DIDAKO IDAN 2024



Wale kuku

In a bid to increase food supply and create wealth in Ogun East, New Generation, Wale Kuku has commenced the Didako Idan 2024 Season.

The program is a collection of farm extension services for farmers that can be easily accessed by Dialling the Magic Number 0907 422 5618. These services include

1. Land and Farm preparation

2. Provision of Farm Inputs

3. Purchase of Produce

4. Monitoring, free consultancy and digital adoption.

The best part is that farmers do not pay for these services until they sell their produce.

The 1st phase of the program targets 2000 acres of farmland covering over 1200 farmers and is currently focused on Cassava and Plantain. It is available in Ijebu Igbo, Ago, and Ijebu East (Other LGAs Coming Soon).

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Speaking more on the program, The convener of New Generation, Wale Kuku, said the 2023 season focused on providing inputs to over 400 cassava farmers. “We have expanded the program this year and would focus on expanding the beneficiaries around focus locations. We are also adding plantain this season as we grow our produce portfolio. We would commence the livestock program in the 3rd Quarter.”

Wale Kuku stated that The ultimate aim is to produce premium organically grown food for the export market and to also inject into the local market to reduce cost of food.

Commenting further, he said “The program has been funded so far by New Generation Foundation. We would be seeking more funding partners from Multilateral organizations, Corporates, governments etc to expand the number of acres/ farmers covered. The farm services are carried out by Agritech firms which we are incubating at the New Generation HUB.

Our operations are data driven and layered on technology. We have full data of every farm we are involved in, including mapped location, size, produce type, expected output, output date etc.

The program also supports the farmers by providing them with digital tools to enable them get realtime advice, local and global produce prices, information, financial services and more.

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