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The Dead Silence Of Labour Party Senators In The National Assembly; Obidients Hold Grudges



The deafening silence of Senators and House of Representatives members in the National Assembly elected on the platform of the Labour Party has gotten to the attention of party members and observers who feel let down with their inability to stand up or speak out against unfriendly policies of the Federal Government.

They have alongside with their colleagues in other parties, turned the National Assembly to an appendage of the Executives.

On the 1st of August, 2023 a twitter influencer and strong campaigner under the Obidient Movement, Nerfertiti, whose twitter handle is @firstladyship did the curtain raiser and expose on the party’s representatives, she wrote, “The 8 Labour Party Senators are a bunch of dissapointment! ALL OF THEM! Their House of Reps counterparts are even worse.

Campaigning for them was a mistake. No one voted for them to go there & be moping. There are no opposition lawmakers. Next election, LP lawmakers are on their own”.

These raised alot of uproar as the tweet has garnered over 700k reviews, comments and repost.

The LP rose to fame due to the strong support of the people, so it’s expected that it’s elected officials should be the true representative of the people and a viable opposition to ensure that the legislative arm of government is truly independent.

Their voices should not only be loud but they must dissociate from every anti-people agenda and speak up for the well being of the people.

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There has been silence from the LP legislatures on burning issues like the poorly implemented removal of fuel subsidy that the World bank projects to have pushed 7 to 9m people under the poverty line, to an unstrategic attempt to unify the FX rates, down to inflation, insecurity, etc.

They must not desist from calling out executive rascality and misgovernance where necessary.

They must be sure that law making and bills sponsorship are well within the framework of alleviating hardship and promoting the rights and privileges of the Nigerian people, correcting defective laws, and undertake serious scrutiny of Executive and Judicial actions/ inactions.

They must ensure appropriate controls and oversights over expenditure of public funds by government starting with the National Assembly. I expect LP Legislators as a caucus to openly dissociate from the insensitive purchase of Toyota vehicles worth N160m each.

They can not be silent to the strategic embezzlement of our commonwealth and they must speak up and uphold the constitution of the Federal republic of NIgeria.

We need to see creativity, innovation and out of the box approach to legislating. For example, the LP representatives have added no value to the screening of Ministerial nominees.

They have continued to indulge in screenimg nominees without the attendant portfolio making the whole process useless. It has been more than meets the eyes with the quality of characters the senate has been giving “bow and go” screening.

In conclusion, let them be wary of their performance as the people will be judge and jury and when the time is appropriate and they will be kicked out appropriately.

As a party of the people, the tendency of a recall looms. Internal democracy will come to effect as the party’s active youths and members have commenced mobilising and regrouping and will henceforth not condone the docility and mispresentation characterised by the APC and PDP.


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