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New Generation Learn’s Summer Holiday Coaching Enters Week 2



The New Generation Learn’s Holiday Summer Coaching classes has entered its second week.

Over 66 pupils and students registered across various classes.

Below is a synopsis of the first week of work for our corporate awareness, introspection and action in respect to the deliverables of the programme.

Firstly, the classes were organised with the the intention and notion to help assist struggling parents who are worst hit by the present economic situation of the country.

Secondly, as a crash course to prep pupils and students for the realities of their new classes in the next academic year.

The project was to see to the implementation of the following four core:
Assess. Recalibrate. Reinforce and Advisory.


Generally, while carrying out assessments on all participants, the ugly head of poor standard education across board reflected in the below par intellectual capacity of the pupils and students.

The results from the series of test conducted on the pupils and students revealed that the Nigerian child is not being properly educated and is at the mercy of whatever type of education he or she is exposed to or that are available to their parents.

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Their Psychomotor and motor skills were evaluated and this discovery although baffling, perplexing and depressing helped the teachers to determine the correct interventional method to adopt to recalibrate the capacity of the pupils.


The assessments carried out helped the tutors to determine the right instructions and programme that will help in facilitating the correct developmental capacity of the pupils educationally.

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The lessons were carefully planned and arranged with the correct sequence helping the students to master the known and translate to the unknown.

Instructions were individualised while learners had the luxury of personal practice to ensure their personal effectiveness.


All hope is not lost for pupils and students still showing stunted and poor growth in their academics.

New Generation Learn will be there and will continue the process by translating all our participating learners to the NG E-Learning platform where they will access educational resources to help facilitate their learning. There will always be an online teacher available for the pupils and students 24/7.

NG Learn is introducing a whatsapp learning AI where students can ask questions via WhatsApp and get instant responses either to an assignment or further learning.

There will also be courses available for senior classes and adult education.

And it is worthy of note that classes will continue there after virtually after and at the conclusion of the summer coaching classes.

The classes are intensive, hands on, individualised and results focused.

So within the first week, we recorded outstanding changes as a result of the teaching Methodologies adopted.

There is also the aspect of Change in behaviour as a necessary item of the readiness to learn and the desire to push the personal limit of the pupils and students.

Conclusively, New Generation Learn is also overseeing the implementation of elementary tech and computer courses such as coding and AI appreciation.

Expect more updates as classes continue.

The New Generation Learn Summer Coaching is powered by Wale Kuku.

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