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Stop Saying The Country Will Be Better, Those In Power Are Selfish, Self-Centred – Peter Ameh Advises Nigerians



Peter Ameh

The National Secretary of the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), Peter Ameh, has called on Nigerians to challenge the government over the security and economic challenges in the country.

He insisted that the ability of the people to protest bad leadership is what keeps those in government responsible and responsive.

Ameh shared his reservations about the state of the economy during an interview with Punch.

He insisted that it was time for Nigerians to stop being docile.

The CUPP chieftain opined that the country will not get better if Nigerians do not make demands.

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According to him, “Nigerians are the number one critical stakeholder in this process. There is nowhere in the world where docility does not keep people in government stable. What keeps a government responsible? What makes a government responsive?

“What makes a government listen to the people? It is the ability of the people to protest bad leadership; to openly protest and physically protest bad leadership peacefully and responsibly; to request that the government must sit up.

“Nigerians must stop being docile; Nigeria must stop resigning to fate, and Nigerians must stop saying, ‘No, it will be better’. It will not be better if we do not make demands. We cannot just be satisfied with wishful thinking that Nigeria will be better with this group of leaders.

“This group of leaders are selfish, self-centred, and do not know what to do and they are not willing to give way to those who know what to do. The failure of this country and the setbacks that this country witnessed today are largely due to the inactive participation of Nigerians in the governance of their states.

“It is a fact that when a government sees that people are not worried, they will continue to manipulate the process; they will continue to manipulate the whole system and say they will wait for four years for another election.”

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