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OGUN: Hon. Damilare Bello Proposes Urgent Need For More Mental Health Services And Facilities Across State Hospitals



Hon. Damilare Mohammed Bello

The Ogun State House of Assembly Member representing Offin, Sagamu 1 State Constituency, Honourable (Omooba) Damilare Mohammed Bello, otherwise known as Dre has proposed that all hospitals in Ogun State should have mental health services and facilities. According to Dre, the rate of social issues and drug intake is becoming a cause for concern and requires immediate attention.

In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed an increase in social issues such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. The pressures of modern life, economic challenges, and social inequality have contributed to this alarming trend. Additionally, the intake of drugs, especially among young people, has become a major concern.

Honourable Bello, who is also master degree holder in mental health studies and once practice in United Kingdom believes that mental health should be treated with the same importance as physical health. Just as hospitals are equipped to handle physical ailments, they should also be equipped to address mental health issues. By having mental health services and facilities in all hospitals, individuals will have easier access to the help they need.

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Mental health services would include counseling, therapy, and psychiatric consultations. By incorporating these services into hospitals, individuals will have a more comprehensive approach to their overall well-being. It will also reduce the stigma associated with mental health, encouraging more people to seek help when needed.

The proposed initiative aims to provide a safe space for individuals struggling with mental health issues. This will not only help individuals recover but also alleviate the burden on specialized mental health institutions, which are currently overwhelmed.

Honourable Bello’s proposal has received support from various health professionals, mental health advocates, and members of the public. They believe that this step will provide much-needed assistance to individuals battling mental health challenge.

As the proposal awaits endorsement from the commissioners for health, Nigerians hope that this initiative will be implemented swiftly. It is clear that mental health should no longer be sidelined, and adequate services and facilities should be available across the country to address this growing concern.