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Sagamu Mayhems: Why Otunba Danku Should Be Investigated



Otunba Taofeek Shokoya Danku

On Sagamu mayhems, Otunba Taofeek Shokoya Danku has been alleged of instigating fraternity groups against one another in Sagamu.

Meanwhile, the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun had earlier said; “the government will go after those involved in causing mayhems in Sagamu.”

On January 23rd, 2024, it was gathered that letter of apology was written to palaces. The kings was reported of consulting “Danku” and the apology letter was rejected. On getting a wind of the development, the anti-cultists contacted the Ogun State Government and advised them to quickly intervene before the matter get more complicated beyond the damage that was caused out of shared ignorance of some elements.

Recalled that there are measures put in places to arrest the killings in the community, which has helped in restoring back peace to Sagamu. In a memo released, which found it ways to the public in December 2023 and January 2024, both Eiye and Aye cult groups wrote a letter of apology to the Akarigbo that they want peace, promises not to get themselves involved in any form of violent rivalry again.

“We emphasised to the government that the people of Sagamu are tired of violence and bloodshed. They want their life back. Thank God the government listened to us and intervened immediately”, a source who pleaded anonymity said.

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Due to intervention of many stakeholders, on January 25 a peace talk was called and a compromised was reached. We are pleased with the resolution but Otunba Taofeek Shokoya Danku should be invited for interrogations, so that he can as well sign an undertaken. A source said.

“This aforementioned person is alleged to be the ‘Eku-Eda’ behind the whole crisis in sagamu. His name is Taofeek Shokoya, popularly called Danku”. Source said.

He didn’t want the boys to resolve their differences, and thus, report to have contributed to the complication of the crisis.

So, for everlasting peace and justice, there is a need for the police and DSS to look into this matter thoroughly and ensure justice for the innocent people of Sagamu.

“We want proper investigation into this crisis and justice for the dead and the living victims.”