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Chronicles Of Sagamu Cult Killings: Unmasking The Monster And Ending The Menace By Kayode Okeowo Ikenga



Comrade Kayode Segun Okeowo Ikenga

The process of unmasking the monster called vices and ending Sagamu cult killings related and other communal vices in the town, is indeed a collective responsibility of all the good people of Sagamu and residents, Kayode Segun Okeowo said.

Kayode Okeowo otherwise known as Ikenga, who was a former president of Sagamu Youth Congress also a honorary Chief, Aare Omo Akin of Makun Sagamu, a direct biological son of Akogun Segun Okeowo, an Ex-student unionist that convene the Ali must go struggles.

Ikenga said; “on saturday 27th of october and in the cause of celebrating the 2001 Sagamu Day festival, the ever bubbling, beautiful and peaceful town of Sagamu recorded the first and pioneer cult killing which claimed the live of Segun Afolabi.”

“The sagamu born HND student of the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara state, was brutally murdered as a result of a terrible clash of supremacy between the members of the Eiye confraternity and Black Axe (Aye).”

According to many eye witnesses, who witnessed the clash, described it as a very bad day in Sagamu and this marks the beginning of cult related killings in Sagamu, Okeowo Ikenga said.

It was indeed a black day in the history of Sagamu among many other black days which has claimed the lives of hundreds of young people in the town, have been recorded and as it is, the records are still counting, he empathizes.

The lives of many promising young sagamites majority of whom are supposed to be the pride and future of Sagamu has been cut short due to cult related activities.

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Many families and relations are still groaning and nursing the pains and agonies of these killings. This is sad indeed!

Hmmmm! Oh yee gods of our land, this is not the Sagamu we prayed for!!!

In the light of the above, Ikenga emphasized that this chronicles of Sagamu Cult Killings and clashes, “it’s a reflective mooding of the memories and sobberness of the negative activities and damaging consequences of cultism in our land and the reflections of the past, in the bid to push and guide our seriousness and sincerity towards finding lasting and ending solutions to the menace of this confraternity madness in Sagamu.”

“It is very unfortunate to state that, having find a place of operations and enablement in Sagamu town, has made us to loose too many young souls and the hopes for a peaceful Sagamu we all craved for.”

“All efforts to curb this menace has always proved abortive. Cult activities in all forms has eaten deep, the root of our communal development and progress.”

“Many investors are living in the fear and expectations of a crumbling business investment, while new investors don’t even want to hear the name of Sagamu as a choice of option.”

From some quarters, it was opined that Sagamu is the nest of Cult related activities. An opinion that was postulated and shared by some senior police officers and security experts in the country, Ikenga mentioned.

“The acts of cultism in Sagamu and its damaging effects on our status, must as a matter of urgency addressed and tackled with all the needed sincerity and patriotism.”

“It is time for a sense of direction towards ZERO TOLERANCE approach to cultism, the roots and sponsors in all the nook and crannies of Sagamu town and environs.”

“Any sabouteur in the cause of the fight against cultism in the town, must not only face the full wrath of the law but should also be expose to face public disgrace or societal shame.”

On a conclusive note, “the process of unmasking the monster called cultism and ending cult related killings and other communal vices in Sagamu, is indeed a collective responsibility of all the good people of Sagamu and residents.”

Sagamu people should activate the “walk the talk” system towards every approach in this holy Jihad against cult killings.

“Keeping mute in the face of this menace is dangerous and disastrous for the peace, progress and posterity of Sagamu.”

“We must give our entire support and solidarity to the security agencies and stakeholders. Together in one spirit, we shall end all acts of Cultism and social vices in Sagamu.”

And to those who want to spoil the peace and progress of Sagamu, may Eledumare and other gods of our land, make their life unpleasant and unpleasurable”, Kayode Segun Okeowo prays.

Sagamu shall be great again, this I believe live a creed!

Finally, let us sing our Sagamu Song of Unity;

S-A-G-A-M-U yii ti gbogbo waa ni
Ko ma gbodo baje ee
Tori ko si ibomiran ti a le lo
Ajo o le da bi Ile ee
E ja ka sowo po
Ka fi imo sokan
Gbe eee ka jo gbe eee
Otun yaa ooo
Gbe eee ka jo gbe eee
Lekan si
Gbe eee ka jo gbe eeeeee!!!!

Comrade Kayode Segun Okeowo (IKENGA)
The Aare Omo Akin of Makun Sagamu
Former President, Sagamu Youth Congress
Chairman, Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices, Ogun State. POCACOV

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