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Historic Goal Of Agbowa Fc In Obaruwa Cup 2024 Humbles Surulere Fc At Final



Agbowa FC Beats Surulere FC, Lifted Obaruwa Cup 2024 At Final

After ninety (45-45 =90) minutes of efforts and goal-scoring opportunities, Agbowa Fc won the 2024 Obaruwa Cup at the Fc Ebedei Stadium.

The Agbowa FC team beats Surulere FC on Thursday, February 22 with a 1-0 win in the. At the Fc Ebedei Stadium, Agbowa Fc gained the upper hand on the team Surulere FC.

This victory crowns an entire tournament for Coach Wale Onayemu team. Starting in the 4th minute, Mohamed Abou Gabal, the Egyptian goalkeeper, made a save. However, the effortless pressures mounted on Agbowa FC doesn’t frey them away, and it did not get the fingers of the Agbowa Fc burnt.

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With a goal by the end of the first half, the squads had to come back on the pitch. Despite all pressures towards the end of the match, no goal scorring chances was actually turned into a goal against Agbowa FC.

The first goal in the first half eventually broke the tie. With more pressures from Agbowa FC, Surulere was threw off balance.

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1 Comment

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