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Youth Ministry: Dr. Vivian Congratulates Ministerial Nominees, Dr. Jamila And Ayodele



Dr. Vivian Obiageli Egwuatu S-Nsirim

Dr. Vivian Obiageli Egwuatu S-Nsirim, the newly elected Deputy National Woman Leader of the AASG (Amalgamated APC Support Groups) and the Founder and CEO Young Moms Support Initiative, a non-governmental-organization that supports and empower women and youth for a better society, has expressed her warmest congratulations to Hon. Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim and Mr. Ayodele Olawande on their recent nominations by President Bola Tinubu as the Minister and Minister of State for Youth, respectively.

In a statement issued by Dr. Vivian’s media team, the nominations of Dr. Jamila and Mr. Ayodele was described as a testament to their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our youth.

Recall, Dr. Vivian had previously expressed interest in the ministerial appointment and has urged her team members and Nigerians to accept the decision of President Bola Tinubu and the party to have nominated the duo of Dr Jamila and Mr. Ayodele to oversee the youth ministry.

While reacting to the decision of Mr. President, Dr. Vivian, extend her warmest congratulations to the duo on their nominations as the Minister and Minister of State for Youth by our esteemed President. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in your illustrious career and a new chapter in our nation’s pursuit of progress and development. Your selection for this vital role is a testament to your dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our youth.

“As the nominated Minister and Minister of State for Youth, you inherit a crucial responsibility that carries the hopes and aspirations of millions of young individuals who are the backbone of our nation’s future.”

“Your role is not just a position within the government; it is a solemn duty to shape the destiny of our youth and empower them to become leaders, innovators, and active contributors to our society.”

“Your leadership in this capacity is paramount, as you will be instrumental in formulating policies and programs that will foster the growth and development of our youth. Our young citizens face numerous challenges, including access to quality education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and the need for a nurturing environment that allows them to flourish.”

“Your vision and strategic planning will be crucial in addressing these issues and ensuring that our youth are equipped with the tools they need to succeed.”

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“Furthermore, your appointment sends a powerful message about the importance of youth empowerment in our nation. It signifies that the government recognizes the potential of our young people and is committed to harnessing their talents and energy for the betterment of our society. It is a symbol of inclusivity and a reaffirmation of our collective belief in the capabilities of the younger generation.

“I have every confidence that you will approach your new role with dedication, integrity, and a deep sense of responsibility. Your track record of excellence and your passion for youth empowerment have already inspired many, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact you will make in your tenure as the Minister and Minister of State for Youth.”

In the same vein, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who supported and voted for me in the Amalgamated APC Support Groups (AASG) election held last Saturday 16th September, 2023 in Abuja. Your trust and confidence mean the world to me, and I’m committed to representing your interests and working tirelessly for our constituency and the party.

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