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‘Your January Salary Is First Fruit Of The Year, It’s For My Welfare’ — Pastor Tells Congregations [Watch Video]



Pastor John Anosike of the New World Faith Ministry has told his members to surrender their January salary, or ‘first fruit of the year’, to him.

According to the pastor, his church members’ first earnings of the year belongs to him.

In a video, which was recorded during one of the church’s programs, Anosike told members of his church that they will testify before the middle of the year if they give him their first fruit.

“Your first-month salary is your first fruit of the year. It is for me and not for the church. I want to challenge you by the spirit of God, I fear nobody and I fear no criticism.

“If you call me your spiritual father, or mentor, this first month’s salary, which is your first fruit of the year, is for me and not for the church.

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“It is for this altar. It is for this oracle, which is me. Are you hearing me? It is for this vessel. It is meant for my welfare.

“If you honor me with the first fruit of your first year, in the middle of this year, if you don’t testify, come back, I will give it back to you. You will see wonders. Covenant with my spirit.”

Meanwhile, netizen has condemn the pastor for saying such in a country where the economy is biting everyone hard.

“And none of the church members complained? the level of the brainwashed is alarming”, Anselem Achunike Enuka said.

Scrolling further on Lere Olayinka page on Facebook, another user, concluded that such pastor should be interrogated and be punished for such statement during this hardship in the country.


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