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Why The “Impeachment” Of Hon. Wale Adedayo Is Illegal — Festus Ogun



Barrister Festus Ogun, Esq.

Yesterday, some set of councilors in Ijebu East Local Government loyal to Governor Dapo Abiodun were reported to have purportedly impeached Hon. Wale Adedayo, the executive Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government.

This is coming few days after Hon Wale Adedayo exposed how the Ogun State Governor has been cornering and blocking the resources ordinarily meant for local government authorities.

For the avoidance of all doubt, the desperate attempt of the unpatriotic and selfish councilors to suspend or impeach Hon Adedayo is illegal, unconstitutional, arbitrary, null and void and of no effect whatsoever.

Some may ask, why do I make this very bold and categorical submission? The quick answer lies in the fact that there is no legal or moral basis for the purported impeachment of Hon Adedayo.

I have asked again and again which of the laws in Nigeria or Ogun State donated the power to the councilors to whimsically and maliciously attempt to remove (because as of today, Hon Adedayo is still the Chairman) a vocal and courageous Local Government Chairman who was democratically elected by the good people of Ijebu East Local Government?

By virtue of Section 7 of the 1999 Constitution, there is a presumption of regularity that presupposes that Hon Adedayo was democratically elected by the popular mandate of the people.

Therefore, he cannot be removed in such a mindless and undemocratic manner by the councilors who have mortgaged their conscience and betrayed their suffering people for a pot of porridge.

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All the purported allegations against Hon Adedayo are purely fictional and lies from the pit of hell. His alleged suspension is simply rooted in his demand for the resources meant for the Ijebu East Local Government of which Governor Abiodun is not releasing and has not given a justifiable explanation for the denial.

It is such a painful experience that councilors whose people are denied of resources will gang up to remove their leader whose simple “crime” was demanding for these resources. What an irony!

Most importantly, I know as a matter of fact within my personal knowledge that Hon Adedayo was not granted fair hearing before the purported suspension or impeachment “for three months”.

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Fair hearing is the foundation and cornerstone of any administrative decision. Section 36 of the 1999 Constitution is too clear on the principle of fair hearing and our courts have been consistent in deprecating and invalidating decisions like this where the right to fair hearing is recklessly breached.

Was Hon Adedayo invited to the House? Assuming the answer to this poser is positive, was the notice of invitation adequate, sufficient or reasonable? On the understanding that Hon Adedayo was not granted fair hearing in any way, as required by the Constitution, it is our humble view that the purported suspension or impeachment is illegal, unconstitutional and has no foundation or basis whatsoever in law.

It is a legal and moral impossibility to barb a person’s hair in his absence. The councilors only engaged themselves in a disgraceful moot impeachment trial to please the despot in Oke-Mosan whose days in office are numbered.

I will say, on a final note, that only the guilty are afraid of Hon Adedayo. And this is why we have a duty to rally round Babalawo in demanding from His Excellency how the resources meant for local government authorities in Ogun State are (mis)appropriated.

The office of the Executive Governor is a creation of law and His Excellency is not above the law and cannot continue to act as if he is above the law.

The Governor swore an oath under the 1999 Constitution and has a responsibility to be accountable to the good people of Ogun State.

Therefore, Prince Dapo Abiodun should be immediately advised to explain the circumstances surrounding how the resources meant for the needy in Ogun State are misappropriated by the greedy.

All these shameful victimization, persecution and intimidation of Hon Wale Adedayo will not stop us from asking him the appropriate questions. History beckons!

Festus Ogun, Esq
Lagos, Nigeria
September 1, 2023

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