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Rework Security Architecture Framework: Segun Showunmi Entreats President Tinubu



Segun Showunmi

Segun Showunmi in a statement observed by The Eaglesforesight says, “no sane people can insist that a clear need to restructure its policing framework will be delayed especially when it is obvious that things are getting out of hand.”

Shall we wait until the people take laws into their own hands especially since it has become the norm to ethnically profile crime which is extremely dangerous?

A crime must be called a crime, all this nonsense of calling it tribal names is dangerous.

Those who draw security votes at the subnational levels must know that we are sliding into some form of ground zero.

On the specific killings of the traditional rulers in Ekiti, it is extremely provocative and suggests that those marauders have no sense of culture or good upbringing.

Those who put them to this rubbish are threatening the peaceful coexistence of this nation. All those who are remotely connected to this must be found and brought to book.

To those with responsibility to safeguard our people, that is governors, the earlier you come up with a comprehensive framework to secure our land, her people and those who live peacefully there the better.

The conspiracy of state destabilization as a tool of undermining government will not be tolerated.

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There is no such thing as a highly highly-placed personality in my book when it comes to killing people, those who speak the language of those involved in this madness should call them to order immediately.

As for the president, it is time to open up to the enormous capacity that is available to stamp firm authority in this situation.

Intelligence Agencies are encouraged to profile all those who could be remotely connected with this unending, blood-draining insecurity with a matter of urgency.

Throwing money at it under security spending is not enough, it is time to bring down the sponsors of this demonic agenda. No one will allow any group under any guise to put the nation in disarray, as we owe it a duty to ensure that every inch of our country is save and every person in our country feels secured and protected. President Bola Tinubu (GCFR) do your primost duty.

May the soul of the departed find rest.

Otunba Segun Showunmi

Patriotic Citizen

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