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Empowering Nigerian Women: Yemanja (NIG) Cancer Care Initiative To Host Free Breasts And Cervical Cancer Screening



Yemanja (Nig) Cancer Care Initiative

In commemoration of the World Cancer Day which is marked for every February 4th annually, Yemanja (Nig) Cancer Care Initiative has joined the global community to raise awareness about the dangers of breast and cervical cancers for women in Nigeria.

Speaking with The Eaglesforesight correspondent in preparation for the flag-off event of the World Cancer Day year 2024, the convener of the NGO, Yemanja (Nig) Cancer Care Initiative, Dr Toyin Shonukan has described Breast Cancer as a silent pandemic, that has the potential to be cured when patients present early.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer, and it is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in Nigeria. Though there is a high incidence of breast cancer in Nigeria, studies have shown that a majority of Nigerian women, both in rural and urban areas have little or no knowledge about risk factors and symptoms of the disease, and therefore present when the disease is far advanced and therefore less likely to be curable.

Yemanja (Nig.) Cancer Initiative has screened approximately 3,500 eligible women in Remo North over the last couple of years and has furthermore provided curative treatment to over 70 of these women who were found to exhibit disease which would likely have developed into full blown cervical cancer if left untreated.

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Complementary to its ongoing screening efforts, the organization will host a free Public Health Education event on Monday, February 5th, 2024, themed “Prevention of Breast and Cervical Cancer” to spread awareness about the solution.

Highlighting the urgency of the condition and its increased impact in Nigeria, the convener of Yemanja (NIG) Cancer Care Initiative says, “We found it vital to create a platform where Nigerian women could learn more about breast cancer and be inspired to regularly get important health tests done. We’ve found out that many women’s health issues also needed awareness.”

She further stated, “At Yemanja (NIG) Cancer Care Initiative, we are focused on working to improve lives across Africa by providing free, quality screening and early detection services, and this includes creating learning spaces through seminars and other initiatives to sensitize people about key health topics.”

Speaking to The Eaglesforesight about the 2024 World Cancer Day, she said “It is an avenue to further reinforce our message on supporting across health institutions in Nigeria.”








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