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New Generation Political Leaders Movement Set To Unveil Logo, Promises Equity, All Inclusiveness



Prince Harrison Solomon

A nation builder and political activist, Prince Harrison Solomon is set to present before the public, New Generation Political Leaders, a movement which will mobilize Nigerians, especially young men and women, to effectuate a social change in Nigeria.

According to Prince Harrison Solomon, the movement convener, the presentation would gather representatives of international development organisations, civil society, interested members of the ruling and opposition parties, the media, opinion leaders across geo-political regions and members of the public in Ogun State.

For the citizens, Harrison said it would be a commitment for young citizens of Ogun State to vote, voted for, hold elected officials accountable to their campaign promises; while for the government and those seeking election into offices, it will be a commitment to transparency and accountability in fulfilling campaign promises made to the citizens.

Solomon said, the movement is committed to enlisting youthful energy, values, missions and visions to advocate for a paradigm shift in Ogun State politics and Nigeria at large, by fundamentally believing and advocating for freedom, equality, and prosperity for the citizens.

According to him, Prince Solomon said the Movement believes that until the vast majority of Ogun Citizens, especially the electorates and voting population were able to understand and reconstruct their engagement with the democratic process as the “real owners” of the government and the Nigerian project, people’s participation and commitment to the electoral and political processes would continue to depreciate.

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“As an organisation advocating for social change, we believe that for there to be a stable and progressive society, there must be some established norms guiding the relationship between the people and the government of the state.

“These established norms will define mutual obligations between the people and their leaders at the national and subnational levels of government. These mutual obligations will form the nucleus of the agreement that we call the New Generation Political Leaders Movement”.

“It is in line with the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, that this movement is being proposed as a model for reviewing and determining the commitment of politicians and political parties in the Nigerian polity. The movement official Logo will be unveil soon, with this initiative, we intend to improve citizens’ participation in the democratic process as well as increase the trust of the electorates in Nigeria’s electoral process”, Prince Harrison Solomon said.

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