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I’ve Evidence Where EFCC Boss, Bawa Demanded $2m Bribe From Me – Gov. Matawalle



Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle [Photo Credit: Gov. Bello Matawalle Facebook page]

The Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, has accused the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa, of demanding $2million bribe from him.

The Eaglesforesight correspondent had gathered that Matawalle boasted that he has evidence to back up his claims that EFCC Boss demanded $2M bribe from him.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Matawalle called for Bawa’s resignation, saying he had questions to answer on several alleged corruption.

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The EFCC chairman fired back on Thursday.

He challenged Matawalle to petition appropriate authorities if he had any evidence against him.

Responding to Bawa’s response, Matawalle said;

“It is not just to always blame governors. It is not only governors who have treasury, the federal government also has. What does the EFCC boss do to them? As he is claiming he has evidence on governors, let him show to the world evidence of those at the federal level.

“If he exits office, people will surely know he is not an honest person. I have evidence against him. Let him vacate office, I am telling you within 10 seconds probably more than 200 people will bring evidences of bribe he collected from them. He knows what he requested from me but I declined.”

“He requested a bribe of $2 million from me and I have evidence of this. He knows the house we met, he invited me and told me the conditions. He told me governors were going to his office but I did not. If I don’t have evidence, I won’t say this.”

Public reactions from tweep

Many social media handlers have said alot that makes it look like the commission is hiding away the truth, but instead was trying to cover up their boss for not answering the alleged accusations from Governor Bello Matawalle

Tweep @nairaexchangerate Finally EFCC have grown a backbone👏 👏. Recently @fkeyamo was flaunting his wealth online. I hope EFCC can help us check, how a junior minister was able to buy properties in Ikoyi worth over a billion Naira? How did he have so much money to pay cash for a property in Texas.🚶🚶🏻‍♀️


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