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“My Ilu Agidigbo On The Sagamu Peace Accord: Ceasefire Doesn’t Guarantee Any Everlasting Peace” — Sobowale Wasiu



Front gate view of Akarigbo of Remo Land palace. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sagamu Remo a home of peace and love that use to accommodate visitors for settlement has now suddenly become a home of fear and unrest.

In what Sobowale Ademola Wasiu, one of the youth stakeholder in the town, felt so disturbed and he couldn’t look but suggest a lasting solutions to the people in concern through his public opinion on the subject matter in regards to the all time cultist clashes in Sagamu.

“It is commonsensical! You cannot house defenceless ants in a room and be reconciling scorpions and snakes to cohabit peacefully in same room. The two reptiles are irreconcilable and their supremacy battle will consume your defenceless ants and continue to set your roof on fire.”

“As much as I cherish PEACE, why not sincerely ask ourselves if it is possible for a group of two to walk hand in hand unless they agree? The joke of all these peace accords is the fact that the REAL ACTORS IN THE FILMS won’t show up for any reconciliation. Meaning, those you are reconciling are just passing a ceasefire order to the untamable urchins who will in no distant time torment the town at any slight disagreement with their fellow urchin, even without any “order” from their hierarchy. So why not settle for a lasting solution instead of this usual cosmetics that any light shower can wash off? ”

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“Another twist to this protracted clashes is the series of open wounds and inherited battles resulting from the past killings of too many highly revered gladiators of both rival groups, and the demonic but silent quest for vengeance by individuals who knows who pulled the trigger that killed their friends or brothers.”

“The Onilus owe it a duty to themselves to determine how and where they’ll love to be placed in the history book Sagamu even while they are still alive. We all read the history of a monarch that was sentenced to death for killing a new born for rituals. One cannot mention late Oba Micheal Adeniyi Sonariwo without making reference to his decisive cleansing of the town when thieves, burgglers and robbers were having their field day. Similar cleansing may appear too difficult(all thanks to civilian rule) but wherever there is a will, there is always a way.”

­“Oba to je ti ilu tutu, oruko e koni pare, eyi to je ti ilu batun tutu naa, oruko e koni pare.”

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