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Imo Guber 2023: Don’t Waste Your Vote For LP, Hon. Akandu Advises, Urge Electorates To Vote AA



Hon. Akandu advises Imo State electorates to shun Labour party, urges them to vote Action Alliance party.

Hon. Uchechi Smart Akandu who is a frontier supporter of Gen. Jack Ogunewe RTD., the Governorship candidate of Action Alliance Party for the Imo State November 11th, 2023 election, advise all Imolites not to waste their vote for the Labour Party candidate’s, but give the vote to AA candidate Gen. Ogunewe, who was the first to make a move for the party but due to political pressure from different people, was kicked out from the primary and was accepted by the Action Alliance Party without stress.

Hon Uchechi said the Abuja court affirmed Senator Athan Achonu has the LP Governorship candidate and also a Federal High Court sitting in Owerri, Imo State, has declared Chief Ukaegbu Ikechukwu Joseph as the authentic Labour Party candidate, noting this is confusing the people of Imo State and also the supporters of LP including the “Mama Papa and Children”, who want LP but I will say this is not just confusing the people but the willingness of God due to what they did to Gen. Ogunewe who should have been the party flag bearer.

I am calling on all the good people of Imo State and EZINIHITTE, all local governments, all supporter’s of Labour Party, and the general public, not to waste their vote because even if INEC recognizes one Governorship candidate for the LP at the November 11th 2023 elections, and he happens to win the election, same court will discharge him because in the history of our dear country, Nigeria, nothing like two Governorship candidates of the same political party running for a public office, as this can rule out the possibility for winning if at all the people have the interests to work for the party.

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Hon. Uchechi also said there is a video where the Presidential candidate of the LP, His Excellency; Mr. Peter Obi visited Imo State to campaign for Senator Athan Achonu in the State, flagging up his support for the candidate of his party, and another viral video of the Lamidi Apapa’s faction showing support and handling party flag of LP to Chief Ukaegbu Ikechukwu Joseph has the aunthentic Governorship candidate of Imo State for the coming Gubernatorial elections, making the party having two candidates.

I want to encourage our people not to be fooled over the two endorsements but given the vote to AA candidate because we don’t have any issue and we are the first that showed interest for the party.

He said we all love Peter Obi and many of our people at the Federal level got into power because of the love the people have for the Peter Obi but now election is over and court cases are over it’s time we all come together to build our dear country supporting the President, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu —GCFR, to plot the country.

Hon. Uchechi also encouraged the youths not to allow any political parties use them against themselves, as he urge them to come out enlarge and vote peacefully for a better Imo State.

He also appreciate some of the obedient brothers and sisters who saw the Imo State LP party has confused and faction leaders but moved with Gen. Ogunewe when he was given the AA party ticket for the November 11 2023 election.

“I strongly believe our people know who they will vote for even if they are not with us during campaign and meetings but we know that they know the LP have two factions and no one need to tell a blind man between hot and cold water when his fingers are deep into it.

Vote AA
Vote the people’s General for a better Imo State”, he concluded.

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