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Governor Dapo Abiodun: Are You Happy? By Asiwaju (Engr) Tony Ojeshina



Asiwaju (Engr) Tony Ojeshina and Dapo Abiodun

Why the question? Dapo Abiodun, your excellency’s foray into politics did not start with the Gubenatorial ambition. It was your wish to represent Ogun at the Senate. Not knowing that God intended you to be the Governor of the state.

Like anybody who works hard for his ambition, you jubilated along with those who supported you on the day you became the number 1 citizen of the state.

The question today is, five years after, are you really happy with the one day one crisis situation of Ogun state?

Excellency, do you listen to the call-in programs on radio stations? Where ordinary citizens, who are not politicians, pour out their hearts on the situation in the state. If you are too busy to listen, do you have aides who are tasked with the assignment of listening and feeding you back, without fear of losing their jobs?
Let me summarize the feelings out there for you.

1. Lack of Accessibility. Top Government officials, top Civil Servants, Traditional rulers, elder statesmen, ordinary folks are all united on one point.

You are hardly accessible. People recall with nostalgia how Gov Osoba used to attend social and family functions of both the high and the low. How Gbenga Daniel used to personally answer calls and texts of Ogun indigenes. They talk about how Amosun used to abandon official convoy and trek on the streets with hordes behind him, as he inspects projects personally, I could relate to what they say.

I remember vividly how you made me the Chairman of a major board in the state. For three years in the post, we had not a single office, staff, budget or project.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises Food Stuffs Supplier

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises Food Stuffs Supplier

Bubbling with enthusiasm, I sent hundreds of text messages and proposals to you and made uncountable phone calls. You never replied once. Only apologies when we meet at official functions.

Gateway Trading Company, was designed to procure discounted food and facility items for Ogun State civil servants and indigenes as part of Government welfarism. I resigned when I could no longer accept the deception.

2. People openly discuss why you have a penchant for white elephant projects instead of directing trillions of the state resources into grassroots projects, to relive the pain and misery in the land. How many cargo planes have landed in the Cargo airport since commissioning? What has that project that swallowed billons of naira contributed to the economy or revenue of Ogun State? Would it not have been beneficial if the resources have been directed at the shoddily executed Ogun Ofada project initiated by the previous administration and Ogun becomes a major supplier of Ofada rice as speculated?

Is Governance not a continuum?

This is symptomatic of tableau of detached Leadership and Administrative style in Ogun State. It has manifested in environmental degradation, improper waste management, lack of support to farmers in food silo storage, transportation access to markets, nonexistent mitigating programs to make education less stressful to our children.

By the way Mr Governor, the rains have exposed the low quality of works done on the roads constructed in the last few years.

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Send an aide to Olomore estate to make video of the main road constructed there in the last year.

The surface is peeling off as predicted since the bitumen layer is so thin. That’s the quality in vogue through most of the state.

I’m motivated to write this piece because of the recent spate of scandals rocking the state at the rate of one scandal per week. That’s why I wonder if you are truly happy at the turn of things in the state.

The Local Government allocation debacle is a mess. Despite the numerous media bliss at damage control, the people are already setting traps for their Chairmen to explain why they have been in depravity since the Chairmen are claiming they have been receiving their allocations.

Now that Adedayo has been impeached, it only adds to your record of naked intimidation in face of dissent. If care is not taken, this issue will outlast your administration, and the day of reckoning will be nigh.

Hardly have we breathed deep on this, then the sad optics of seeing you explaining away the demolition of a 5-story building at the time you are admonishing people to invest in Ogun! Although you pretended not to know or care who the owner is, even a child can see through the move as revenge, mischief and bad belle.

I hereby make a clarion call to all men and women of goodwill in Ogun State, political office holders, government officials, elder statesmen across all parties, religious and social groups, artisans, NGOs, etc. It is time to show interest and pay attention to the leadership disconnect and open intimidation playing up in Ogun State.

The Holy Bible demands of us to pray for our Leaders. When the righteous is on the throne the people rejoice. Hence, by my spiritual calling, I pray for you and your administration to succeed and bring succor to the people of Ogun State. That way, the welfarism will extend to even my families in the villages.

Whoever becomes Governor after you will also be expected to move the scale up from where you stop.

That’s the stuff great societies are made of.

And you will be happy!
Asiwaju (Engr) Tony Ojeshina.

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