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Indian Trip: Gov. Abiodun’s Reckless Spending Must Be Probed — Ogun PDP Demands



The Ogun State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has raised serious concerns over the conduct and spending habits of Mr. Dapo Abiodun, The Eaglesforesight reports.

In a press statement released today, Asiwaju Akinloye Bankole, the Ogun State Publicity Secretary of the PDP accuses the governor of reckless expenditure, absenteeism, and a desperate quest for support against an impending election petition tribunal.

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The statement begins by condemning Governor Abiodun’s recent actions, describing them as reckless and embarrassing.

It alleges that Abiodun has shown a disregard for the people of Ogun State, pointing to his absence from official duties and his apparent focus on political communication and grandstanding.

The PDP suggests that Abiodun’s recent public announcement of his return to office was made without any official communication to the State House of Assembly regarding his prolonged absence.

The party claims that his abandonment of official responsibilities has left the state without clear direction.

Furthermore, the PDP contends that Abiodun’s eagerness to join the President and his entourage on various trips, even when uninvited, is a sign of desperation.

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The statement questions the purpose of these trips and suggests they are for ego-massaging and attention-seeking rather than official business.

The PDP also demands transparency from Governor Abiodun regarding the investments attracted to the state during his tenure. It criticizes his alleged reckless spending while pensioners and workers reportedly suffer due to unpaid entitlements since 2012.

The press statement concludes by calling on relevant stakeholders to investigate Governor Abiodun’s conduct and expenditures.

It emphasizes the need to protect the welfare of the citizens and economic security, urging the fraud units of security agencies to take note of these alleged reckless expenditures.

The allegations and criticisms levelled by the PDP raise questions about Governor Abiodun’s tenure and conduct as he approaches the end of his term.

The public will be closely watching for responses and actions from the relevant authorities in the days to come.