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13 Golden Actors Of Yoruba Nollywood



The Yoruba movie industry, a genre within Nollywood, has a rich history dating back to the mid-1960s when actors from various Yoruba traveling theatre groups ventured into movie production using Celluloid format.

Over the years, this industry has thrived and given rise to exceptional actors who have contributed significantly to its growth. Among them, these thirteen actors stand out:

1. Lere Paimo (Eda Onile ola)
Born on November 19, 1939, in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Lere Paimo is a versatile Nigerian film actor, filmmaker, producer, and director. His career began in 1960 when he joined the Oyin Adejobi theatre group, eventually making a name for himself in the epic Yoruba film “Ogbori Elemosho.” His contributions earned him a National award of Member of the Federal Republic in 2005.

2. Peter Fatomilola
Born on January 16, 1946, in Ifisin-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Peter Fatomilola is not only an actor but also a scholar. He joined the Olokun Theatre group and later obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Obafemi Awolowo University.

His role as Papa Ajasco in a comedy film propelled his fame, and he has featured in several notable Nigerian films.

3. Kareem Adepoju (“Baba Wande”)
Popularly known as “Baba Wande,” Kareem Adepoju is celebrated for his role as “Oloye Otun” in the 1993 film “Ti Oluwa Ni Ileu.” His filmography includes movies like “Oluweri Magboojo,” “Arugba,” and “Anikulapo.”

4. Ebun Oloyede (“Igwe Olaiya”)
Lukmon Ebun Oloyede, known as “Igwe Olaiya,” is renowned for his comedic roles in Yoruba movies. He started his career as a TV personality at the Nigerian Television Authority and transitioned to acting in stage plays and eventually home videos, becoming one of the industry’s top actors.

5. Kayode Olaiya (Aderupoko)
Kayode Olaiya, a veteran Nigerian actor born on April 12, 1949, gained fame in Yoruba indigenous language films. He’s known for movies like “Saworoide,” “Agogo Eewo,” and “The Figurine.”

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6. Adebayo Salami (“Oga Bello”)
Born on May 9, 1952, Adebayo Salami’s acting journey began in 1964 with the Young Concert Party. He later joined the Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group and Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group. His role in the first Yoruba film, “Ajani Ogun,” marked a significant milestone in his career. Salami has produced, directed, and acted in numerous Yoruba movies.

7. Yinka Quadri
Yinka Quadri, born on September 6, 1959, started his acting career in 1976 with the Afopina Theatre Group. He’s known for his roles in movies like “Apaadi,” “Olaniyonu,” and “Ojiji.”

8. Jide Kosoko
Prince Jide Kosoko, born on January 12, 1954, studied business administration at Yaba College of Technology before venturing into acting as a child actor in 1964. He’s acted in both English and Yoruba movies and produced his films.

9. Taiwo Hassan (“Ogogo”)
Born on October 31, 1959, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as “Ogogo,” began his acting career in 1981. He’s celebrated for roles in movies like “Omin” and “Bolode o’ku” and has received numerous awards.

10. Sunday Omobolanle (“Papi Luwe”)
Sunday Omobolanle, also known as “Papi Luwe,” is a Nigerian comic actor, playwright, director, and producer. He’s known for movies like “Adun Ewuro” and “Konkobilo.”

11. Charles Olumo (“Agbako”)
Charles Olumo, a veteran actor, is famous for his iconic ‘bad man’ roles in Yoruba movies. He began his acting career in 1953, recently clocked 100yrs.

12. Kola Oyewo
Kola Oyewo, born on March 27, 1946, is a veteran actor, dramatist, and scholar. He’s known for roles in movies like “Sango” and “The Gods Are Not To Blame” and has a strong academic background in drama.

13. Yemi Elebuibon
Yemi Elebuibon, born in 1947, is a multi-talented writer, poet, author, linguist, and a renowned Ifa priest. He’s dedicated to preserving Yoruba culture and heritage through plays, films, and academic contributions.

These actors have left indelible marks on the Yoruba Nollywood industry, contributing to its growth and cultural preservation.

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