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Young Duu Surpass Portable, U.K. Promoter Set To Sign Artist To Record Label Through Actor Ijebu



Young Duu has been gaining recognition ever since his reported departure from Zeh Nation. In a video message, the Ijebu native asked all his fans and followers to help him tag Young Duu, emphasizing that God has opened doors for the young artist.

He further explained that when one door closes in someone’s life, God often opens another, which can be even bigger than the one that closed.

This message implies that Young Duu has brighter prospects ahead despite any recent setbacks.

Carter Efe also shared that some individuals are willing to assist Young Duu but prefer to do it privately, without making it a public spectacle online.

He encouraged his fans and followers to tag Young Duu so that he could see the video message and the support it conveys.

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A post shared by Amokade Olatayo Samson (@ijebuubackuppage)

Okpegboroemmaneul: This guy has indeed gained recognition. The person who intends to help you won’t give you a hard time; Portable has put in a lot of effort for this one to shine. 😂😂😂😂

Miidebayo1234: This song has been on repeat since Monday. 😂😩

Apexgrafix016: Portable, you are a madman; you’ve hit this one like a trailer. Yepe… you’ve removed your rugs, and God has set marbles for Young Duu.

Socialadfixers: Alhamdulillah, I can see that some people here are laughing. God bless you, sir. 🙌

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