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Wheelbarrow Pusher Killed Himself After Stabbing Tax Collector To Death Over N50



The Eaglesforesight gathered from a source, that a yet to be identified wheelbarrow pusher has allegedly stabbed a tax collector to death in Benin City, Edo State before killing himself over N50.

The incident happened on Friday on Mission Road in Oredo Local Government Area of the state.

The medium gathered that the incident caused pandemonium among residents and shop owners who hurriedly closed shops.

According to a source, an argument had ensued between the barrow pusher and the tax collector over alleged refusal by the former to pay N50 daily ticket.


The revenue collector who was angered by the wheelbarrow pusher’s refusal to pay, reportedly kicked the wheelbarrow containing bags of items.

In retaliation, the wheelbarrow pusher reportedly brought out a knife and stabbed the tax collector.

He was said to have also stabbed himself in the neck after realising the tax collector was dead.

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He also died on the spot according to an eyewitness.

An eyewitness, who doesn’t want his name in print, lamented what he described as a “human rights violation by some overzealous revenue collectors” in Benin Metropolis.

He said, “His approach was very wrong. But, nothing justifies murder. The economic hardship is too much. Nobody knew that the wheelbarrow pusher had a long knife. He stabbed the man to death.

“Some people around wanted to hold him, but he became very wild and said he would kill anybody who came close. He stabbed himself and died.”

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