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VIDEO: ‘We’re Stranded In The Desert’ — Nigerian Students Leaving Sudan Cry Out After Govt Spends $1.2M To Evacuate Them



There’s this video trending on twitter where Nigerians cries out over the stoppage of their movement as the drivers complain of not being paid.

The Buses evacuating Nigerian students and non-student

One Dr Ahmad Small identified with twitter handle @dr_ahmadsmall has tweeted that, the buses evacuating Nigerian students and non students were stopped in the middle of the Sahara, and the drivers refused to continue the journey because they were not PAID.”

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However the chairperson confirmed the news to be truth, but she said in her tweet that; “I have just spoken to @nemanigeria dg. He confirmed the buses have continued their Journey and said whatever issues have been resolved.”

Nigerians however reacted

“After spending $1.2M on evacuation, the drivers stopped in the middle of the desert due to non payment.”

“This same govt spent approx $4M on evacuating 1000 persons from Ukraine and even budgeted $8.5M to evacuate people from Poland and Finland, countries that weren’t even at war…”

Students crying out in this video:

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