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Useful Information And Warnings For Church, Ministers On What To Know About Prison New Conditional Advice



Beware Of what has landed many Clergymen  Ministers, Members in prison…

Let us as a Church/ Minister avoid the following so that we don’t get into trouble that can land someone in prison:-

1) Don’t guarantee or stand in surety of any loan for people.

2) Don’t introduce businesses and investment schemes from your pulpit – as you may not know the origin of such business.

3) Don’t administer deliverance/healing on people when members of his/her family are not around.

4) Don’t sign bail bonds for people you are not sure of, especially new members or people whose family members you cannot trace or locate.

5) Don’t wed couples when their parents have not given consent to the marriage.

6) Don’t hide anyone that the law enforcement agencies have declared wanted in your Manse or Church premises.

7) Don’t force people into marriage – if the marriage have issues, it can land you in prison.

8) Don’t allow sick people to sleep in your Manse or in Church premises. If you must admit them, let it be on the permission of a certified Medical Doctor or let them sign some documents that can extricate you from any blame should anything happen to the sick.

9) Don’t allow your members or persons use your account number to pass huge amount of money. You could be arrested as an accomplice for advanced fee fraud, money laundering, kidnapping or drug peddling etc.

10) Don’t conduct a Christening/dedication service of a child whose gestation history you don’t know. What if the child was stolen, kidnapped etc. You could be arrested as an accomplice for kidnapping, child trafficking etc that can land you in serious trouble with prison terms.

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11) Don’t bury a corpse that the family are not available with full medical reports and death certificate – especially corpses brought from distant destination.

12) Limit your direct involvement in politics as a clergy; you are supposed to be non – partisan. Don’t be tempted to project political party from your pulpit, it may land you in serious trouble or prison.

13) Don’t visit a member of a family when the husband or wife or either parent is not around. You may be tempted or implicated in cases that can land you in serious trouble.

14) Don’t allow a woman that has quarrel or issues with the husband or a child that has issues with parents to pass night or remain under your custody. You may be implicated on issues you know nothing about.

15) Don’t take any one to hospital without the family being aware or possibly present.

16) Don’t accommodate any strange person you don’t know or allow into the Manse in the name of hospitality at any time. What if she/ he is trying to escape arrest.

17) Know the kind of relationship you are keeping. Your best friend may be hiding his/her secret deals from you, only to be innocently arrested along side with him or her.

God bless you as you take to these few advice.

We really need wisdom – the principal thing to be able to manage or keep relationship or handle issues with people now. A lot of Men of God have innocently in matters of clear conscience fallen victims and destroy their Ministry or sent into undeserved prison terms.

I believe, that can not be our portion but caution is needed in the present life challenges.


Culled from Nigerian Correctional Service Document.

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