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Tribunal: Even If Tinubu Becomes UN Secretary-General, The Law Doesn’t Care — Dahiru



Majeed Dahiru, a newspaper columnist, has advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to follow the advice of former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, on how to address terrorism in the country.

Dahiru highlighted that El-Rufai, who initially chose to negotiate with terrorists, later realized the futility of engaging them in dialogue.

El-Rufai publicly admitted that efforts to remold the insurgents only resulted in increased violence, leading him to advocate for their complete elimination.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

Dahiru urged President Tinubu to take this advice seriously and issue a decisive command to wage a comprehensive war against terrorism in Nigeria.

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During an interview on AIT News network, Dahiru stated that Governor El-Rufai’s change of stance demonstrated his acknowledgment of the error in attempting to negotiate with terrorists.

Dahiru commended El-Rufai for recognizing that dialogue with the terrorists was fruitless and that they needed to be eliminated entirely.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

He urged President Tinubu to consider El-Rufai’s advice and provide a clear directive to carry out a total war on terrorism in the country.

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