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This Is What It Means When You See A Man With A Wrinkled Head



Compared to women, men are more likely to develop cutis verticilli.

Men outnumber women who have this ailment five to one, according to a study of those who have it.

The main factor for this unique case of cutis verticis in women is the woman’s long, straight hair.

The majority of cases appear before the age of 30, with adolescence being the peak incidence period.

For this condition, there are three categories that might be used. really crucial, especially the minor and secondary.

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This suggests that the illness’s underlying cause has not been found, in theory.

There are no other abnormalities associated to Gyrata verticis cutis major.

On the other hand, neuropsychiatric conditions such cerebral palsy, epilepsy, convulsions, and eye problems, most frequently cataracts, might be linked to cutis verticis minor.

Many conditions that cause changes in the anatomy of the scalp can result in secondary vertical warts.

By keeping the scalp clean enough to prevent secretions from building up in the contours of the scalp, this problem can be prevented. The ultimate cosmetic surgery procedure may be necessary.

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