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These Are 4 Animals Among Others, That Mourn And Conduct Funerals When A Member Of Their Family Or Partners Dies [Photos]



Yes animals mourn and cry over demise of members, have you ever wonder if animals share our feelings of sadness? Well, they do, and it’s pretty fascinating! Let’s take a look at some examples:

1. Elephants

Imagine this: Elephants shedding tears! Yes, it’s true. Elephants have been seen crying, and get this, they even bury their deceased buddies out of respect. Scientists say they show empathy and go to great lengths to revive their dying friends, like screaming and gathering sticks. It’s like they have their own way of mourning.

2. Monkeys

Monkeys aren’t shy about expressing grief either. Various monkey species take care of their dead for days. Picture them weeping while carrying their little ones’ bodies. Just like us, monkeys stick together during tough times. Some are so saddened by the loss that they won’t eat, even when they’re hungry.

3. Dolphins

Dolphins, the ocean’s playful creatures, also experience sorrow. They’ve been spotted watching over their deceased pals. Turns out, dolphins are big on family gatherings, and this closeness might explain their tendency to feel sadness when one of their own is gone.

4. Giraffes

Even the towering giraffes have their unique way of dealing with grief. When a giraffe is dying, others surround it, burying their necks in solidarity. It’s like they find comfort in sharing their pain, just like we humans do.

So, next time you think you’re alone in feeling sad, remember, animals are right there with you, expressing their emotions in their own remarkable ways… Click To Watch Videos

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