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STORIES: The President Daughter And I [Ep.1-10]




Finally i can relax after finishing the stressful registration process and begin as a regular student. The only thing remaining is getting my I.D card which i know would be in my possession any thing a week from now. It’s the second Thursday of the schools resumption, @ around 7am the school is crowded with different people from different part of Nigeria moving from one place to another for one thing or the other. I went to a nearby store and get myself something to eat, then roam around my new school, so full of pride that i’m in the University. I was about turning to the other side of a building before i bumped into someone.

Girl: Heyy…

Me: Sorry… d–n (picking up her


Girl: No i’m sorry i wasn’t myself

Me: Oh (handing over her papers)

Girl: Thank you

Me: Alright. I’m Victor by the way

Girl: Ok, i really have to go

Me: Where are u rushing to?

Girl: My house, i forgot my passport

Photo to use for my I.D card

Me: U can take a quick passport ther

(Pointing at a photographer)

Girl: I know, i just don’t have money

money with me

Me: smiles Lets go

On our way going, that’s when i checked her out. Her dressing was normal though but her features were visible (u know what i mean) she’s pretty not beautiful sha… i guess her fair complexion made her look pretty. We got there, she took the photo, got the passports in 14 minutes (and they say 2mins passport) i paid then we walked to the I.D card office, she joined the small queue of four people. It got to her turn, she gave them one passport and the necessary info, we left there then the following conversation ensued.

Me: So… whats the name?

Girl: I’m Esther

Me: Hhmm… nice name

Esther: Thanks

Me: What tribe?

Esther: Ijaw

Me: I see

Esther: What about u?

Me: I’m Igala

Esther: Igala?

Me: Yep, anything??

Esther: Nooo… not really

Me: Which course are u studying?

Esther: Computer Sci.

Me: I like the course too, i can’t do it

‘Coz I’m art

Esther: Eeyah…

Me: Sad thing, its all good

Esther: What’s ur discipline?

Me: Sorry?

Esther: I said what’s ur discipline?

Me: As in?

Esther: Ur course

Me: Oh (Chai i don fall my hands, no

be me and her they start 100L

together? girls can form. Maybe

her friends don orient her)


Esther: Hhmm

Me: What?

Esther: Nothing, just feeling hungry

(I was like so???)

Me: Ok then, nice meeting u

Esther: Nice meeting u too

Me: Mind if i have ur digits

Esther: What?

Me: Ur digits

Esther: As how?

Me: (yes, i don revenge) I meant ur

phone number

Esther: Alright, but i don’t i know it

off-hand, u give me urs lemme

flash u

Me: Ok, 070*****47

She flashed me then i saved her

number. We left for our different ways. I went to my new house abi room sef which i’m yet to make it look fab. I stay Off-camp and intend to live alone.

I relaxed on my small bed and evaluate Esther in my head to know how to go with her. I know that she needs money from guys, she’s not the loving type, she can cheat or leave a guy for another ‘coz of money, she she uhmm… not sure yet. I concluded that, she’s not worth loving by me, spend less and get more from her, not date her but have a fling with her and leave her when i’m done with her ASAP.

I’m not a bad guy to be sincere, infact nobody sees me that way ‘coz i’m really cool and do things secretly. I barely tell my closest friends what i do. I earn trust from people ‘coz of my gentleness.

I went to the bank withdrew some money and went to purchased stuffs for my room, it took me to Saturday before i got everything in order. Now i got a nice room to my satisfaction, anything else would be additional.


Monday came so fast as i hurried to class for my first lecture. I got in 20mins before the lecturer arrived. He came in, greets us, told us his name which is Morgan Okoro then he did some introduction of the course then left. Noise aroused in the class as they share pleasantries and introduce themselves to each other. I just left and get something to eat and wait around for the next lecturer.

After an hour of waiting, the lecturer didn’t show up i head home straight. I wasn’t feeling hungry so i just relaxed on my bed. One thinking led to another then i decided to call Esther but she didn’t pick up after two trials. I started thinking about my life, who i want to become, what i want to achieve then i realized that my life doesn’t conform as a player, i want to be real, nice as everyone thinks and get a real girl. I concluded on staying away from Esther as she doesn’t fit my standards.

The day ended and the next became the beginning of something great!


We walked around the beach, with two not-strange people following us, a man and a lady. Hand in hand with her, we laughed, constant hugging, kisses and all. We were so happy together. We left the beach to get some ice cream from there to the movies, we watched a romantic movie while my hand was around her neck and her head on my shoulder what a romantic night for us. We started walking on the street not sure of where we were going but i noticed those two are still following us, i don’t understand why but we felt save. They were also acting romantic when they think we aren’t looking. We stopped for a moment, i held her waist while she faced me then we looked each other in the eyes her face was blurry i didn’t know why.

Me: Baby

Girl: Yes…

Me: You know i love u so much

Girl: I know dear

Me: I will never do anything to hurt u

Girl: I know

Me: And i will always stand by u no

no matter what

Girl: Alright Victor what’s wrong? is

it about my father??

Me: No dear, i just need to be sure

that u trust me

Girl: I trust u and i love u

We shared a passionate kiss

Me: Ermm… sweetheart

Girl: Yes dear

Me: That money i asked of, when

am i getting it?

Girl: I told u not to worry

She brings out her phone, did what i dunno next thing i heard was my phone alert. I opened the message what i saw shoked me…

Your account has been credited with #4,000,000

I was so happy i rushed her with kisses, just then i heard sirens coming to our side with about seven cars including range rover i always admire.

Some hefty men came out and beat the hell out me.

Man: How many times will i warn

you to stay away from my


Girl: Dad i love him

Man: Shut up! you, take her into the


I looked as she was been dragged into the vehicle.

Man: I won’t be this nice next time

He said then left me there in the dark. Then i heard a loud noise from the background… I woke up with a slight headache and discovered its my phone that’s been ringing and i’ve been dreaming all this while. 4 missed calls from my mum, i checked the time 7:48am Oopss!! Can’t call her now I’m already late for school. I did a quick bath, put on my clothes, picked up my bag equipped with the necessaries and rushed out as fast as i could. The lecturer has already shut the door when i got there, oh no! Attendance is really important for me, besides i don’t want to miss any lectures. Well, i met four students that also came late but were there before me, three guys and a girl (not attributed in any form).

Guy 1: This man go wicked o… just

him first lecture na’im he dey

lock door

Guy2: See how him be, carry head

like fly-over

Me: Guys make we stand for

window beg ‘am or mak him

just see us

Girl: Abi o

We went to the window begging with gestures using our hands. He would look at us and look away instantly. We continued like that until he announced that we would enter on one condition, that each of us would answer a question before entering his class. We agreed, so he called us to the door post where we’d answer him.

He was about to ask the first question before three elegant looking people arrived. D–n! I could feel the aura of their presence, it was breathtaking. Two ladies and a gentle man actually but one of the ladies looks more younger like a teen, they must be very rich. The teen girl spoke directly to the lecturer.

Teen girl: Morning Lecturer

Lecturer: You know you’re supposed

to be here earlier

Teen girl: Yea, i know. Can i go in?

like now??

Lecturer: Alright, you all should

come in.

Thank you sir in chorused from we that was there before.

Teen girl: Alright guys gat to go for

class or you’d follow me

in as well?

Lady/Man: No miss

Teen girl: This should be the last

time you guys will ever

call me that!!

Lady/Man: Yes Mirabel

The other two must be her bodyguards

(WTF! Who tha hell is she?)


In the class, the lecturer stated his principles, did the introductory part of his lecture, gave us the course outlines then concluded by saying we would start fully next week before he left. The class immediately got noisy as hell, people running from different angles to one spot, the place where that girl was seated, what? who is this girl sef?? a celebrity i don’t know???

They even tried to take photos with her but were prevented by her bodyguards. They were screaming around her before her bodyguards guarded her out of the class.

Myself went out to eat something, i was passing by when i sighted her at the most expensive eatery in the school, i guess she saw me too but i didn’t care. One thing about me is that, i don’t compare myself with rich kids because…. i believe that their fathers/

mothers might even suffered more than me, so they might decide to work hard so their children won’t suffer the way they did. So, me thinking about that is a motivation for me to work hard for my own children.

I went to a eatery i could afford, ate, rest a little, then headed to class for the next lectures.

The lecturers came, did their introductions in anticipation for next week’s normal lectures.

Once the lecturers left, those bodyguards would come in to protect their princess.

I left the class for I.D card office to get my I.D, after waiting in the queue for several minutes, they told me my I.D isn’t ready yet. On leaving the place i saw two people at once, I saw Esther coming from the east and Mirabel from the west stepping down from her car, with me at the south side. I don’t want any of them to see me, unfortunately there’s nothing i could do. If i should head north, they would both see me. I immediately thought of something, i’ve always liked west-side ‘coz of 2pac Shakur, U know during the West coast and East coast beef between Notorious B.I.G and 2pac…

2pac rep West-Side. So i decided to take the west route, I walked passed her while she did the same, i didn’t say nothing while she didn’t even look my side. On looking her, i can’t tell what kind of person she was, she was kind of different. But on a normal sense, i’d say she’s arrogant.

I don’t like arrogant people who thinks highly of themselves, they irritates me especially when they feel superior over others.

The introductory week passed, i got my I.D different guys rushing to try their luck in wooing Mirabel, i dunno how it went but looking at her reaction, i guess she didn’t give them a chance. They didn’t stop though, all those swagging guyz, guyz with cars and money from different department kept trying.


Normal lectures began, i paid attention to every single knowledge the lecturers impacted, i don’t miss any lectures, got a semi-friend Titus by name and a good female friend Promise who was the assistant class rep, intelligent but i assisted her alot. She alone knows about my intelligence as i don’t like showing myself to get attention. It was Promise that advised me to be answering questions in the class and help students that needs help. She said…


My day wasn’t that bad but i had to rest a lot by sleeping… i sleep a lot which made mum always complain that i sleep much yet i don’t get fat, because i was a slim guy but i like my stature though.

Phone rings

Me: Hello

Uncle: Hello, how are u?

Me: Fine sir. Long time sir

Uncle: So u know that, yet u don’t call

Me: Not like that sir

Uncle: How is it?

I don’t enjoy lieing or arguments, so i just accepted the blame.

Me: Sorry sir

Uncle: U know things aint done that way, we’re family

Me: I know sir, wont happen again

Uncle: Better not.

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: U’re in school right?

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: I just confirmed from your mum

Me: Ok sir

Uncle: I trust u that u’re studying hard right?

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: Good. Send me your account details let me see what i can do.

Me: happy Ok sir, thank u sir

Uncle: Thank God, i will always support u, just don’t betray us boy

Me: Sure sir

Uncle: Alright take care of yourself. Don’t forget to send me your account details. Bye.

Me: Bye sir, thank u sir.

Wow! extra money coming… i love my family jare. With that i decided to treat myself for the night. Coming to school is like a new source of income for me as i worked in a computer business centre that made me save a lot before starting school. Now more money from one relative or another, cool! Good thing i don’t womanize and i don’t drink alcohol.

I went to a nearby suya spot which later became my favourite. I bought #300 suya, went into a shop got myself hollandia yoghurt and 3 eggs. I got home, prepared indomie and enjoy myself as a student for the night. Then i thought about what Promise had told me earlier

“If Martin Luther had kept his knowledge to himself, he wouldn’t had become great“

I thought about it over and over then agreed with her after some time.

Time for everyone to know who Victor Vames is

I said to myself silently.


My alarm went of, i woke up feeling cool, i prayed to God, did some push-ups, brushed my teeth, bath, prepared myself for school. I checked my phone, saw like 4 messages and 3 missed. The callers was my mum and my uncle… I was about to leave it for later but, Oh! My Uncle!! I swiftly checked my inbox

1 from mtn, 2 from 4900,

1 from first bank yes!! i screamed out

as i saw what was credited in my account, what do u expect from an engineer uncle, i wont tell u guys the amount *Tongues out*Lol.


I walked in, few people in the class ‘coz i came early (serious student dat kin tin). I went through my notes ‘coz i don’t want to forget what i what taught, a lecturer may decide to give test anytime, failing exams not me by His Grace. One by one, two by three people arrives seated gisting, waiting for the lecturer.

Then class suddenly calmed, i raised my head to see the lecturer but it wasn’t him. You guessed right, its her, Mirabel. All eyes was on her as she gracefully walked in to the class. What an arrogant fellow in my mind. Shortly, the Accounting lecturer walked in and immediately ordered for the entrance door to be closed.

He wrote a new topic on the board saying we’d discuss about it today.

He started asking questions about about what we discussed on our previous lecture.

Lecturer: On our previous meeting, we discussed Cost, the types, and also Overhead Apportionment. Let’s refresh our memory a little. Class what is Cost and its types? Now close your notes and just put up your hand.

Promise stood up and answered it immediately.

Lecturer: Good. What is Overheard Apportionment?


Lecturer: Didn’t we discussed it?

Class: We did

Lecturer: Then what’s happening?


Lecturer: I would give you your test /20 -5marks this moment


Lecturer: Shut up!! I hate dull class

That kind of statement always burst my brain or maybe most students. I was about to stand up before i heard an answering voice, it was Mirabel. (This will be good, now i’m ready)

Mirabel: Overhead Apportionment is the procedure whereby indirect cost are split fairly between cost centres.

Lecturer: The first stage of Overhead Apportionment? (referring to Mirabel).

Mirabel: *Silent

Lecturer: Anybody else?

I stood up to answer for the first time. Chai! big boy feeling nervous

Me: Sir, Overhead Apportionment involves the sharing out of common cost in an equitable way or proportion between the production and service department according to benefits they received. And the first stage of Overhead Apportionment is to identify all overhead cost as Production department, Administrative, Selling and Distribution Overhead.

Lecturer: Very good! What’s ur name

Me: Victor Sir

Lecturer: 5marks for You, give me your admission number.

I gave him, which he wrote down.

I could see how eyes were facing my direction, it made me feel uncomfortable, i just controlled myself till the end of the lecture.

Girl 1: Nice try dude, u saved us

Girl 2: Nna na u try pass

Girl 3: *smiles*

Well Well Well… i think i just earn myself a spot in the department.

I called my uncle to tell him i saw his missed call and message then thanked him, i also called my mum, we talked *********.

Promise: Mr. Man

Me: Young lady

Promise: I’m a lady jhoor

Me: Says who?

Promise: My physique

Me: Hhmmm igbo girl(I guess she wants me to check her out, right? Yea)

Promise: What?

Me: Nothing abeg, i’m really hungry

Promise: Lets go out na

Me: After you

Promise: Hhmmm

We got to an eatery, fed the warms in our stomach then walked back to class not after sighting that girl (Mirabel). Another lecturer came in to perform his duty. During his lectures, he asked questions which answering became a competition between Mirabel and I with contributions from Promise and others. The competition in the class impressed the lecturers alot, they acknowledged our department as an Intelligent department.

We the competitors Mirabel and I are yet to discover our limits. I’m the best in every course subject but maths, Hhmmm maths… just good in it with the help of Promise who was better. My limit was maths, i need to know her own limit.

What do you think guys?


Its Saturday, no lectures. I did my laundry, arranged my room, prepared something to eat, ate, rested, read my books then rested again using my phone to surf the internet, chatted on whatsapp, facebook, bbm till i got bored. I don’t know what else to do, i guess i needed some company but who?

I called Promise if she could come over but she went home for weekend. I called Titus if i could come over to his place but he wasn’t picking. D–n it! I need friends!! and a girlfriend!!!

I decided to call Esther, good thing i didn’t delete her number.

Esther: Hello

Me: How u doing?

Esther: Fine

Me: How’s ur day going?

Esther: Not too good

Me: What’s wrong?

Esther: What do u care

Me: I cared to call and asked whats wrong when u’re not in a good state

Esther: What about all this while?

Me: I’ve been sick, did u even try to check on me?

Esther: I didn’t know, i was waiting for your call

Me: Alright, where are u now?

Esther: Hostel

Me: I guess u’re feeling bored right?

Esther: Kind of

Me: Can u come over to my place?

Esther: Where?

Me: D.S.V off camp room 4

Esther: What do u have for me?

Me: What do u want?

Esther: Anything nice

Me: Alright, till u come

Ended the call, i went to purchase 3 noodles, 4 eggs, sardine and hollandia yogurt (D–n, see what Boriness cost me). I waited for 10mins before preparing the noodles then stood at my doorpost awaiting her arrival. She arrived, i ushered her in while she was sniffing like a dog.

Esther: What is this aroma i’m perceiving?

Me: Swear u don’t know

Esther: I can guess

Me: Have a seat

She sat down while i brought out a movie and inserted it into my laptop.

Esther: What movie is that

Me: You will know, just watch

Esther: I don’t like all those fighty fighty films

(Really? U must like e—-c movies abi)

Me: Me too

I served the meal while we’re watching the movie. Series of romantic scenes were shown i noticed she was so still. After cancelling the meal, we paid more attention on the movie until the first part got finished.

Me: So… u like the movie?

Esther: Don’t tell me u don’t have the next part

Me: And if i don’t?

Esther: I will strangle u right now

Me: Are u sure u’re that powerful?

Esther: Ofcoz

Me: No part 2 tongues out

Esther: Aarrghh!

She jumped on me trying to harm me, while i seized the opportunity to caress her waist as she was on top of me. She moved up and down on me trying to harm me playfully sha. That stimulated vame to sprang up from its slumber. I was caressing all over her back, waist and thigh until i proceeded further by grabbing her a$$. That made her stopped what she was doing and looked me in the eyes while i did same, she didn’t say or do anything. So i Continued caressing her softly, i placed my two hands on her a$$ massaging it gently she didn’t do nothing. I held her waist and positioned her so i’d be on top, she kept staring at me like i charmed her or something. I kissed her cheek, then her neck severally, i kissed her lips but she didn’t respond to it. I’m not enjoying this, it even made vame shy. I pulled back and ask…

Me: Are u ok?

Esther: Are u done?

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Wow! Vame immediately rise again and said Hell No!! I’m just getting starte… Didn’t complete the statement when she rushed me aggressively sucking my lips like a girlfriend who wants to please her boyfriend that just won a lottery.

I tried to catch up but she was too fast and wild… we continued for like a minute or two until she disengaged from the kissing to pulling off my shirt and my pants simultaneously then inserted vame into her mouth sucking it like a hungry child sucking momma’s b—-t…


That wasn’t my plan at all, boriness not good at all. I took my bath after i saw Esther off then laid on my bed and reminisced how it went.

While sucking me, many thought start through my mind. I’m not really dating this girl and i’m about to do what i will later regret. I’ve always to be a good guy especially to girls, respect them and all. I know did many bad things back then, but now is the time for a change. Either i get a nice and loving girlfriend or abstain from sex.

Me: (Withdrawing) Errmmm…

Esther: What is it?

Me: Don’t u think what we’re doing is wrong?

Esther: As in?

Me: I can’t do this, i’m sorry.

Esther: Are u being serious? Like seriously??

Me: Yea, seriously. I mean we aint even dating yet and we’re already doing what we are doing and about to

Esther: So… whats all this about?

Me: See I know started this and i’m sorry, but lets stop this and just be friends if its ok with u

Esther: Hhmmm… Mr. Nice guy. Ok oo

Me: So… friends?

Esther: Friends

Me: Cool, once again, i’m sorry

Esther: Its ok

We dressed up then i saw her off

D@mn, i don’t want to do that again or should i say i don’t want to get bored anymore. Then i realized that

An idle man is the devils workshop Indeed it is.

I just don’t want to be a bad guy, its not even about the advise of my relatives but for myself. I don’t want to be popular for bad deeds at all, i hope and pray God help me with my dreams for greatness.


Walking on the streets to get what to eat, too tired to prepare anything then my phone rings

Me: Hello

Titus: Guy hwfa i see ur missed call

Me: Yea, i call u that time sha

Titus: Wats up

Me: Nothing much, i just for enter ur side ne

Titus: No vex bro, my phone dey silent, i dey with my bae that time dey **** u understand how e be na

Me: Oya na, no p

Titus: Correct guy, leta na.

Me: Ok

Bad guy straffed his bae, i almost did the same too but not my initial intention. I got to my suya spot and bought some, got myself yoghurt then headed home, my home or room whatever jare.

Sunday morning… i went to Church, the sermon and other activities was great. I met my parents, siblings and friends we exchanged pleasantries and all that. Time to go back to school, i went to dad to inform him, he said ok and some advise bla bla

he dipped his hand into his suit, brought out an envelope and gave it to me. I thanked him then went to my mum at their women fellowship meeting, told her i’d be on my way. She reached for her bag, brought out her purse and gave me some folded #500 notes (i collected it. Wait, what are u guys saying? that i shouldn’t collect again after getting from uncle and dad?? No way!!) 2Pac Shakur once said “I want my money in large amount, ‘coz every dollar counts” I love 2pac! Every naira counts jare.)

Woman: Is this Victor? (addressing my mum)

Mum: Yes, he is the one.

Woman: He’s grown so big already

Mum: You can say that again, i thank God

Woman: Are u done with secondary? (addressing me)

Me: *chai! our people like school eh* Yes ma. I’m now in the university

Woman: Wow! thats quick

Me: I thank God

Woman: What are u studying?

Me: Business Administration ma

Woman: Oh i see… are u sure u can do business with that your calm, gentle and shy attitude? or have u changed?

Me: (Chai! me that banged your daughter Dorothy) I’m still trying on overcoming it ma

Woman: Good. *looking into her bag* let me urmm… u know, take this…

Me: (Woah! again?!) Ma, u don’t have to bother ma (pretending jare)

Woman: Hey, u’re shy i know but u don’t have any other option. Now take it

Me: (In my mind: opening my hands when u have no choice. The way jerry does in the cartoon ‘Tom & Jerry’) Thank u ma. (Accepting the neat, flat #1000 notes like 7 of them).

Woman: Don’t mention, just study hard ok?

Me: Ok ma, how are Richy, Flora, Dorothy and mama ma?

Woman: They’re all fine

Me: My greetings ma (except Dorothy)

Woman: Alright, they will certainly hear especially Richy and Dorothy

Me: (Doro what??!) Ok ma, bye ma.

I also bade my mum and every one else bye then went home. I only go to the family church once in a month or two as i went to the school’s Church.

*On my bed counting all the money* See why i need to keep to myself? not showing of my bad side? am i even bad? doesnt seem so, i just felt so) Enough money, that was when i thought of having t.v, dvd, home theatre, play station 3 (video game) and fridge filled with many things such as: lots of yoghurts, meats, milk, eggs, etc. And i got them all.


I got to my room, the guys are gone already leaving my room tattered like a robbed place. I no blame them sha, na me want friends. Seriously this kind of thing piss me off, i can never do anyhow in someone’s room, Some people are just stupid.

I re-arranged my room and discovered some items are missing. Two pairs of shoes, cap, my expensive wrist watch and my reserved yoghurts. Chai! See why i don’t make male friends, this friendship must stop after i retrieve my stuffs,,, i will only dash them the yoghurts with red eye sha.


The next day in school, i went early and read my books as usual preparing for any unplanned test as i hate to fail.

No test was conducted just normal lectures. Other test scores was announced and i did perfectly well especially in accounting that caught the attention of everyone towards me because its very difficult for them mostly the quantitative part. The accounting lecturer walked in and announced that he’s done with the lectures for the semester and…he shared the test scripts one after the other but i didn’t hear my name. He shared all its only one paper remaining in his hand. I was expecting him to ask *If u didn’t hear your name put up your hand* but he didn’t which got me scared… of course i wrote his test what is happening?

Lecturer: I’m very disappointed with your performance in the test. U only did well on the theory part but the quantitative side…. very bad.


Lecturer: Its only one person that saved this class and i urge you all to find a way to understand it before the commencement of the exam. Because if u fail, i will fail u that’s the truth. I wont help one person and leave the others, if i should help i will help all of you.

Students: Thank you sir

Lecturer: Where is Victor?

Me: Sir!

Lecturer: Come out here.

Me: (walking to his side with my heart beating with questions -what did i do? -why is he calling me out? Chai! In front of everyone? Lord Jesus help me o as U always have)

Lecturer: Class this gentleman here scored 30/30 which i think nobody else scored above 20.

Wow! I was like not even Mirabel? Awesome! That moment eh… my head was floating on my shoulders, my heart was beating faster than the best drummer, my teeth was shaking like i’m deep inside the pacific ocean, my legs became soo weak like i was going to collapse, my eyes was facing everyone but i wasn’t seeing anyone.

The Lecturer advises me in front of the class to keep it up, that i should not slack this and that bla bla bla…

After that he gave me my script and ask me to go back to my seat, he also advises the class using me as a point to encourage them. He wished us best of luck, bade us goodbye then left.

I noticed some girls eyeing me, some guys hailed me and shake hands with me. One girl walked to me open my hands and buried something in it, she didnt say anything, she just smiled and left. I opened my hands immediately and saw a small piece of paper, i unfold it and saw a number with an inscription ‘Call Me’. All this while i remained on my seat I couldn’t stand up that moment because of fear of collapsing. I have been waiting for Promise to come and rescue me by walking me out of here but she was nowhere to be found, she followed the accounting lecturer out, why? I dunno.

I don’t know what moved my head as it turned 190° and guess whose eyes i jammed? You guessed right maybe not but it was Mirabel. She was frowning at me in an unfriendly manner,,, next thing i saw was her standing up hissing then went out. That made me feel bad, i never wanted anyone to hate me or dislike me in any manner,,, i now have the urge to make peace with her so my mind would be at peace. But, how do i do that??


Me: Where did u go and what kept u so long?

Promise: Ah ah…As your girlfriend or what? see me o…

Me: So we’d leave here together na

Promise: Alright lets go, shall we?

*Walking out*

Me: So… when would u prepare the meal u said u would prepare for me?

Promise: Don’t worry, soon

Me: Still looking forward to that

Promise: Hhmmm

Me: U will prepare it before me, so maybe i’d learn. That means u are coming to my place.

Promise: No no no

Me: Why?

Promise: I dunno but no

Me: Ok

Promise: I will just prepare it and bring it to you

Me: No no no

Promise: What? why?

Me: Prepare it at my place or no deal

Promise: Ok sir. I just hope say no girl go warn or harm me

Me: Which girl? i no know for you o


We got to a place where we took our different rout.

Now walking alone to my house abi room sef…

*Phone rings

Me: Hello

Caller: Hi handsome how u doing?

Me: I’m doing well,,,,,sorry who is this?

Caller: Its Lola

Me: Oh Lola, i didn’t know its u

Lola: Yea, u don’t have my number

Me: Right

Lola: So… do you mind coming over?

Me: Ok, i’m on my way to my lodge now, i will be there in an hour or two is that OK?

Lola: Perfect!

Me: Alright then

Lola: We will be expecting u handsome byee…

Me: Bye.

Chai! this one that she’s adding handsome, hope i’m save.

Getting closer to my lodge i saw a familiar car parked in front of my lodge… getting more closer i saw two familiar people leaning and discussing around the car. I closed up the distance to my room and found someone standing in front of my room… next thing i heard was “Hi Victor” i was damned surprised.

Now guess who??


I closed up the distance to my room and found someone standing in front of my room… next thing i heard was…

Mirabel: Hi Victor

Me: (Like seriously? am i dreaming or what?? Mirabel??? How did she even locate my room???) Hi Mirabel

Mirabel: Hhmmm… he even knows my name

Me: Yes i do, what are u doing here?

Mirabel: Just to talk

Me: About what?

Mirabel: Why do u hate me?

Me: *Laughing in my mind I don’t know what you’re talking about

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Why don’t u talk to me then? u make friends with people, those girls and all, while u snub me whenever u walk pass. And you’re also trying to make me look like a fool in the class by answering questions with more details whenever i attempted… tell me why you’re being like this? Yet people say you’re cool.

Me: (Chai! Where do i start from?) Listen, i have no negative intention towards u at all… everything u just said is coincidental i must say. I mean, i don’t even know u so… why would i be mean towards u? Its crazy, it doesn’t make any sense.

Mirabel: What about the snubbing?

Me: Well, that… i dunno, just that i don’t want to be embarrassed or even feel embarrassed at all.

Mirabel: What do u mean by that?

Me: U know i’m talking about class, sophistication. I saw how u treat those guys,,, made me think you’re arrogant.

Mirabel: Can we go to somewhere and talk?

Me: U mean now?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: I just got here, i need to rest little

Mirabel: May i come in?

Me: (What?! Sh!t No!) See, uhmm… how about we talk some other time? I really need to rest now

Mirabel: Very well then…. its ok, and ermm… sorry for coming unannounced.

*My phone rings*

Me: Its okay…

Mirabel: Alright, see u around

Me: U too

She left with her bodyguards while i answer my call

Me: Hello

Lola: Hi handsome, are u on your way already?

Me: About to, let me just take care one or two things first

Lola: Ok, make sure u don’t eat anything before coming ok?

Me: What? Why??

Lola: Hey, easy there food lover, just don’t eat before coming over ok?

Me: Hhmmm… ok

Lola: Good boyy… take care of your whatever and come here ASAP

Me: Alright

*Hangs up*

See? This is exactly what i was trying to avoid in the first place… Promise!! See what your advise got me into?! I don’t want to go back to who i was with the girls… now its happening again. If person no fine, dem go say him no fine. If person know book na girlogical and sexaddiction problem, if him no know na academical and illiteracy problem. Chai!

I open my door, got in, off my clothes and removed everything in my pockets then saw the number that girl gave to me earlier. I don’t even know if i should call her or not, i just kept it one side hoping i would forget it.

So… that girl said i should not eat abi? I hope they have a better food for me ‘coz i don’t joke with my food at all. I took my bath and got myself ready to go there… the shoes i was supposed to wear, those yeye friends of mine took it already. I just dressed casually, took my accounting note and head out thats after i took a bottle of yoghurt with me, sipping it along the way.


The bike guy dropped me in front of the gate, i paid him he zoomed off while i called Lola to inform her. She came out in less than a minute putting on a mini-shirt with a tight transparent short and gave me a tight hug, then ushered me in. Wow! Look at the environment filled with exotic cars, so beautiful with flowers all over, they got swimming pool, awesome! Thats something that’d motivate me to come next time ‘coz i love swimming. Walking with her to their lodge with her holding my arms like a girl welcoming her fiance to her parent’s house.

Getting closer, i sighted the 1st class wing, i didn’t get the full visuals though, but it was splendid.

We got into their apartment, i was like ‘students living in a family house?’

Cynthia rushed to give me a hug wearing a bra-like shirt with ah bum short chai! What is their plan?!

I sat down, as in they put me in their middle bombarding me gists, u know erm… this eh… that this… that that bla bla bla…

ME: Ok ermm… lets get to business

Lola: Come on… u just got here

Cynthia: And its your first time of coming here. So… we have to treat you well don’t u think?

To My People, I Extend The Question To Y’all, What Do U Think??.


They told me to relax, which i tried to but i wasn’t that comfortable. They both went inside.

*Phone rings*

Me: Hello

Caller: Hi Victor, its Mirabel.

Me: Hi Mirabel, how u doing?

Mirabel: I’m Okay… I guess you’ve rested alot. Uhmm… are u at your place? So i could come over so we’d talk or we can we go somewhere else.

Me: Uhmmm… I’m not around. I’m actually at a friend’s place.

Mirabel: Would you be there for long?

Me: Yes i guess. We’re busy with some stuffs (sh!t, i used we)

Mirabel: We?

Me: Yea, my friends

Mirabel: Ok

Cynthia and Lola walks in*

Me: Yea

Mirabel: See u tomorrow

Me: U too

*Hangs up*

They came in with food and orange drink. Wow! that got me excited and felt relaxed ‘coz i was really hungry. Instead of using the dinning, they chose to use the floor then Lola dragged me to the floor. Cynthia opened it, wow! Fried rice and lots of chicken.

Lola: This food is specially made for u, so eat alot

Me: The food looks good, it will surely be delicious, can’t wait to devour this ‘coz i’m f√cking hungry.

Oopss! I didn’t know when the word ‘f√cking’ came out from my mouth sh!t.

Lola: Ughnnn…. see who’s talking dirty

Me: Uhrmm…

Cynthia: Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against u. It actually sounds sexy.

(Can I please eat this food? Like now??)

Me: *Silent*

Cynthia: C’mon lets eat


Lola served the meal, putting a small quantity of food in each plate. I was like ‘I no be ajebo like una o wey no dey eat much, put food for me jare’.

We started eating… before i take a piece into my mouth, they’d both feed me with theirs then give me a glass of juice to sip. It got me uncomfortable ‘coz i wasn’t enjoying eating it one by one, its so lame. Let them leave me to eat this food in peace jare hia! Even husband and wife with fresh flowing love wouldn’t have time for this nonsense.

At last, they became full after eating what a 3 years old kpako pikin would eat ×3, their fada!

I kept eating, finished two plates, requested for more, eat again, drank more juice i wish they brought yoghurt, i ate the meat eh… like it was my first time of eating it, but seriously i love food, especially the delicious ones and i’m never shy when it comes to food. I almost finished all the food they brought before i got full.

Cynthia: Wow! Victor!! U want to kill yourself?!

Lola: U eat like this?

Me: You have no idea… *Using tooth pick*

Cynthia: Woah… is this how u really eat?

Me: Not really sha, i do eat normally. But, if a food like this one is brought to me? I uncontrollably lost control.

Cynthia: Hhmmm

Me: Thanks for the meal, u guys are great cook.

Lola: U can get more of it whenever u want (*With a sexy look and voice*)

Me: That’d be great!

Cynthia went inside while Lola came closer to me. She sat right beside me with her leg crossed rubbing my back, she then proceeded to offing the buttons of my shirt, she began rubbing the hairs of my chest down to my tommy.

Lola: So… did u really enjoy the food? *In a seductive voice*

Me: Yea sure, absolutely

Lola: Since u ate much, i guess its given u some strength *Seductively*

Me: Thats right (coded already)

She began using her crossed leg to rub my leg smiling seductively. I didn’t say or do anything, i was just there looking around, my coolness that moment made me look like a complete amateur towards reacting to a lady. The way she also react towards me, made to think that she’s thinking that i’m an amateur, like me being the gentle-intelligent guy type. She kept doing that until Cynthia came back holding a tray containing a fine bottle and three wine glass.

Cynthia: Guys,,, who care for some champagne?

Lola: Me!

They both stared at me with a written look on their face like “What about you?”

Me: *Silent, just looking at them with a coy smile*

Lola: Bring it girl!

Cynthia brought it and *kpoop* she opened it,,, i watch them screaming in excitement. She handed me a glass and pour some for me, for Lola and for herself. I have never seen a champagne before more to talk of tasting it. I took a sip, it didn’t taste bad then i drank it all. Lola added another one for me when i didn’t ask for more. I finished it within a short time.

Cynthia: Huunnnn…. he’s enjoying it. Lola give him more.

What?! More?!! When they’re still on their first glass?!!!….What are they thinking? I remember when i was eating, they questioned me if was going to kill myself ‘coz i’ve had alot. Now, they want me to drink alot? To get me drunk?? Way!!

Lola: *About to refill my glass*

Me: No no no its Ok, i’m Ok

Lola: Common… don’t be shy, drink its ok

Me? Don’t be shy??

Me: No seriously i’m Ok

Cynthia: Just a little more dear

Me: Nop, not anymore

Lola: Oh poor baaby… (she came seating on my laps, she begin to caress my hair while rubbing her a$$ on the territory of vame)

Cynthia stood up, switch on the music, she came close to me, doing some sexy moves like a stripper while Lola now felt more comfortable in twisting her a$$ up and down, left and right on vame’s territory and i think its about to get angry ‘coz of the invasion of its territory.

Lola: *Whispering to my ears in a seductive tone* Do u like what you’re seeing?

I didn’t say anything, i have to leave now or restart what i had ended.

Cynthia came over to me, she slowly unbuckled my belt trying to off my trousers or something. Its either i leave now or never…

I was about to get them off me in a gentle manner before i heard the ringtone of my phone. It was Promise, she brought me into this, now she’s my heroine.

Lola: Don’t pick it up (you say?)

Me: I have to.

I picked up

Me: Hello

Promise: How u doing?

Me: What?! When??! How???!

Promise: What are u saying, are u ok?

Me: Ok! I will be on my way right away.

Promise: Hey!!

I hanged up the call.

Me: Guys, i have to go now

Lola: Why? What happened??

Me: My father collapse and he’s been taking to the hospital. I have to go there now *arranging myself*

Cynthia: Hope its not that serious?

Me: I dunno yet

Cynthia: Ok, just take it easy

Me: Yea

Lola: Maybe we should drop u up (what?!)

Me: U guys would need to dress up and i don’t have the time to wait

Lola: Alright, hoping to see u tomorrow

Me: Ok (keep hoping) Bye!

I rushed out immediately running towards the gate before i heard my name with a familiar voice, and it was from the first class wing. I turned around to see someone, she was surprised while i was shocked

Anticipating episode 11

To Be Continued…

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