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Remo Youth Association Sends Goodwill Message To The Entire Remo Youths On Good Friday



It is important to reflect on the fact that as we observe Good Friday today, it’s a sober reflection for all of us while remembering the love of Christ for us. It was a sacrifice made on our behalf thousands of years ago. Onagbesan Yaya said.

“This day reminds us of the immense love Jesus Christ has for us all, as he gave up his life on the cross for our sins.”

“Young minds must thank God by following the right path and by fulfilling our responsibilities. Always walk the path that takes you towards happiness and bliss and not crises.”

“This year’s Lent period is special as it coincidentally falls alongside the Holy Month of Ramadan and youths are expected to show love to everyone irrespective of our Religious background. This is a selfless act that teaches us the importance of considering others before ourselves and serving Almighty God with humility and compassion while ensuring a better and safer society”, Comrade Onagbesan.

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“It is therefore important that we must pray as a people in this period of adversity for our immediate society while asking God to avert any form of difficulty and social unrest that may emanate from the post election activities.”

“We must also know that God takes your failures and employs it as a tool of grace. He uses the “death” of the fallen world to motivate you to reach out for life. The hardest things in your life become the sweetest tools of grace in his wise and loving hands.” This is my belief as a person.”

“May this Good Friday be a reminder of the selflessness and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and inspire us to love and serve others.”

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