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RE: Ogun West Stakeholders Kicked Over Gov Abiodun’s Betrayal Of Power Rotation Agreement For 2027



The President of Yewa Youth Pacesetters (YYP) under the leadership of Dapo Fashola had debunked the story published by our correspondent earlier quoted Readership saying, “Ogun West Stakeholders Kicked Over Gov Abiodun’s Betrayal Of Power Rotation Agreement For 2027”.

Setting the record straight, Eaglesforesight is an online medium founded to get people informed with informations either by opinion or verifiable stories. On this premises do the publisher brought the opinion of the said group to the people just as many other stories that has always been published.

However, the concern people of Yewa under the umbrella of Yewa Youth Pacesetters has debunked the story.

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Below read the full rejoinder statement as obtained by our correspondent.

“The attention of Yewa Youth Pacesetters has been drawn to a report published by an online news medium, Eagle Foresight, stating that a group, Coalition of Yewa/Awori Progressives in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun State, had alleged Governor Dapo Abiodun for reneging on a gentleman agreement to have power return to the zone in 2027.”

“The group, which was also reported to have accused the governor for betraying their trust, equally threatened to expose how members of the group massively manipulated the result of the gubernatorial election in the zone in order to ensure his victory.”

“Ordinarily, our group wouldn’t have responded to this ridiculous and fabricated report by this faceless set of people in Ogun West, but when a lie is left unchallenged for a long time, it may be taken as half truth.”

“For the records, no singular group, whether political or apolitical, could claim that it solely worked for the victory of the governor at the last poll. All efforts were put on the frontline, even before the February 25 and March 18 elections, by majority of the Ogun West people to ensure all the candidates of the APC emerged winners.”

“And for the avoidance of doubts, the governor and other APC candidates from the zone, were massively voted for without any manipulation and rigging as claimed by the group. Election results clearly showed that Governor Abiodun, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi), the House of Reps and House of Assembly candidates of the APC, won overwhelmingly to the astonishment of the opposition.”

“One would now wonder where and how the faceless group being sponsored by some disgruntled elements, rigged the outcome of the polls in favour of the governor and others?”

“It is, however, highly sickening and disheartening that the phantom group has not allowed the governor to serve out his first term in office before talking about 2027.”

“We, therefore, challenge the group to go ahead and expose how it rigged the election in favour of the governor. And if the accusations of the group are genuine, its members and people behind it should shed their masks and stop operating under a cloak.”

“No doubt, Ogun West is ripe for governorship and the senatorial district is working assiduously by putting its house in order to achieve this come 2027.”

“Like a saying goes that power is not served a la carte, the governorship issue cannot be singularly decided by Ogun West, it needs the buy-in of the two other senatorial districts to actualize the age-long dream.”

“Even, if a “gentleman” promise and agreement was made or reached, as claimed by the Coalition of Yewa/ Awori Progressives, Ogun West will continue to pursue the ambition of producing the next governor in a legitimate and loyal manner, without rocking the boat of development and good governance being steadily navigated by Governor Abiodun.”

“As a socio-political group in Yewaland, our group will continue to mobilize support for the incumbent governor in his determination to turn around the fortunes of Ogun State, in his second term in office.”

“We, therefore, call on all the monarchs, stakeholders, leaders and our people in Ogun West, to disregard the sponsored report by the faceless group and view it as the usual antic by the outside forces to divide us.”

“We also urge our people to stand firmly and work for the success of the incumbent administration in the next four years, and resist any clandestine moves and campaigns of calumny being orchestrated to polarize the region ahead of 2027.”

God bless Ogun State;

God bless Ogun West.


Dapo Fashola

President, Yewa Youth Pacesetters(YYP)

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