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President Tinubu Announces Key Appointments, Reappointments In NDDC



President Tinubu has made significant changes to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by approving crucial appointments and a reappointment in the organisation.
These decisions have implications for the representation of Ondo State, Cross River State, and the leadership of the NDDC.

New Ondo State Representative Nominee

President Tinubu has sanctioned the immediate replacement of Victor Akinjo, the NDDC’s Ondo State representative nominee, with a new nominee, Otito Atikase.

This move signals a change in the leadership within the NDDC’s Ondo State representation and potentially new directions for the state’s involvement in the commission’s affairs.

New Cross River State Representative Nominee

Similarly, the President has approved the immediate replacement of Asi Oku Okang, the NDDC’s Cross River State representative nominee, with a new nominee, Rt. Hon. Orok Otuk Duke.

This change could bring about fresh perspectives and strategies in the representation of Cross River State’s interests within the NDDC.

Reappointment of Samuel Ogbuku

Samuel Ogbuku, the immediate past Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of the NDDC, has been reappointed to a second term by President Tinubu.

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He will continue to serve in an acting capacity, pending the Senate’s confirmation of his reappointment.

This decision underscores the President’s confidence in Dr. Ogbuku’s leadership and his vision for the NDDC.

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These appointments and reappointments are expected to have far-reaching consequences on the activities and direction of the Niger Delta Development Commission.

They reflect President Tinubu’s commitment to ensuring effective leadership and representation in the NDDC, particularly in Ondo State and Cross River State, and his trust in Samuel Ogbuku’s ability to continue steering the commission towards its goals.

The Senate’s confirmation process for Dr. Ogbuku’s reappointment will be a crucial step in determining the NDDC’s leadership for the coming years, and it will be closely watched by stakeholders and the public alike.

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