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Pinky Presh Debunks Rumours Of Dating GNC Chukwuemeka



Precious Ifeanyi, better known as Pinky Presh (Pinky Baby ) has debunked rumours that she is dating her colleague, who’s also a close friend GNC CHUKWUEMEKA popularly known as GNC.

She took to her TikTok and Facebook page to share the post, where she urged people to stop saying that she is in a relationship with the actor, saying that she is not having any love affair with him.

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In the video, she made on her TikTok, and Facebook handles, she said, “People should stop this rumor that I’m dating GNC; I’m not having any love affair with him. I’m not his girlfriend; he’s my very good friend. Any pictures and videos seen are on my movie set.”

Her aim in sharing her new post is to clarify the kind of relationship between her and the actor, blogger, anchor, and to let people realize that the two of them are not dating each other.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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