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Omoyele Sowore: Nigerians Wants To Know Exact Country Akeredolu Died



Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the last election, says Nigerians deserve clarity on which country Rotimi Akeredolu, former Ondo governor, died.

He also said the constitution was not followed while transferring power to Lucky Aiyedatiwa, governor of Ondo state.

Speaking on Friday during an interview on AriseTV, Sowore expressed concern over the controversies around the exact place of death of Akeredolu

Akeredolu died on Wednesday morning following a protracted battle with prostate cancer. He was aged 67.

The late governor embarked on his second medical leave in as many months on December 13, and had to transfer power to Aiyedatiwa.

The late governor’s absence sparked a political crisis in the state, amid allegations that his signature was forged on official documents in his last days.

Sowore said it is important that the actual place of death of the former Ondo governor be investigated.

He said the family of the late governor, “his wife, son and the political cabals in Ondo state, used his vulnerable condition to take out their greed on the state”.

“The constitution was not obeyed. They tried everything they could to ensure that they didn’t meet Nigeria’s standard in transferring power,” he said.

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“All of these were unnecessary. We could have resolved this a year ago because there was available evidence to us that the governor was not likely to make it.

“But I blame those who were manipulating the people of Ondo state and those who accepted that, including myself. We took too long to intervene before this was finally resolved.

“They didn’t hand over, they did not invoke the doctrine of necessity as a matter of fact, as of last week.

“They were still claiming that the governor was going back on vacation.

“If I heard the substantive governor right, he just said, I may be wrong, that the man passed on in his house and not in Germany.

“I don’t know if you heard him right but we should find out where he passed on to the great beyond.

“His family issued a statement saying he died in Germany, his former deputy now said he died in his house.

“Maybe it is a grammatical issue, I don’t know. I am saying that if he hadn’t died, there would have been a lacuna and it should not be accepted.”

He said the family of Akeredolu should be investigated “for the act they perpetrated using a vulnerable man”.

“They were just taking out money and forging signatures. That was why I said that if this was a saner society, these people would be investigated and properly indicted for the criminal act they perpetrated using a vulnerable man,” he added.

“This should not have happened to Akeredolu at all. And the fact that they could do this to their family… you can understand why they are so mean to the people of Ondo state,” Sowore said.

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