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Ogun State Youths Deserves Capable Commissioner, SSA, SA — Remo Youths Chairman, Onagbesan To Abiodun



Comrade Onagbesan Yaya, Remo Youth Association Chairman

The Chairman of Remo Youth Association, Comrade Yaya Onagbesan has called on the Governor of Ogun State over who are to lead the Youths in his second administration.

A working society or state will have her youth constituency running effectively and efficiently, Onagbesan said.

“This can only be achieved by having the right person to direct the affairs of the Youths. I think it will be a slap on the entire youths of Ogun State having a non-working Commissioner/SSA/SA.”

“I want to believe in setting the record straight and doing the rightful thing. Our amiable governor must check out some qualities; such a person must be accessible, innovative, elegant, brilliant, educated and most especially exposed. Having a Commissioner for youth and sport goes beyond just compensating party faithfuls.”

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

“I am speaking for the Youths because that is the Ministry/constituency I belong right now being the Chairman of Remo Youth Association.”

“Ogun State Youths (Remo, Ijebu, Yewa, Egba- RIYE) is under the auspices of the National Youth Council ably led by Comrade Abduljabar Aiyelagbe which is the mostly recognized body.”

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“However, the council has Senatorial districts, Local Government branches which are well structured. This also goes down to Voluntary organizations, paramilitary organizations, faith base organizations e.t.c.”

“I am however entitled to speak for Remo which is one of the Four regions stated above. Remo Youth Association controls all indigenous Youth Associations with crowned kings and I can tell you categorically we have a cordial relation with the State Council and even the former Special Assistant to the Governor on Youths (Comrade Olamide Lawal). That is what is called “Synergy”.”

“I know on several occasions I got calls from the state chairman (Com. Aiyelagbe )and SA on Youth (Com. Olamide Lawal) discussing on the activities relating to Youths of the state.”

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

Villamond Investment: Crown Ville Estate

“I therefore appeal to His Excellency to give us a Commissioner/SSA/SA who are ready to listen and work with Youth stakeholders in the state. That is the only way the governor can get it better.”

“In a normal scenario, we know political appointees who should be considered with an upgraded portfolio based on their performance.”

“We must get it right this time around. This is very key!”, Yaya Onagbesan said.

Omo Ogun, ise ya!!! 

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