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Ogun State Is Dirty, Abiodun Is Watching — Tunde Oyekoya



Ogun State map

Eaglesforesight — Every Local Government in Ogun State is dirty , once it rains, behold, the storm will uproot the trees, spread their branches in a ghastly fashion over the street.

Sticks, Nylon, Papers are scattered wildly in angry confusion, drainages are blocked, the areas will ooze offensively.

Dead dogs, cats and rats will clutter the road side and float starkly on the water with blown distended bellies

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

Anopheles Mosquitoes reproduce in geometric fashion but to the chagrin of many, Residents still rush to buy foods at canteen close to the gutters.

They neglect the outbreak of communicable diseases.

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The Governor is probably unaware that the state can generate huge amount of money from recycling, this is a venture the Governor can channel little resources into and encourage the unemployed youth to trade in Recycling.

We will not be aiming high until we start building institution that will allow for growth, waste management is a serious business in any positive society.

The Ministry of Environment is not discharging her responsibilities, there should be a task force of congregation of people who are patriotic to serve and save our society from health hazard.

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

King Victor Nigeria Enterprises

I wish the Government can come to the aid of the Residents and do a bit of re- orientation on Sanitation and Personal Hygiene.

This is necessary to save the People and the ecosystem.

Tunde Oyekoya

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