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Ogun Gov Aide Presents As Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Paids Host To Nasser Fellowship For International Leadership



In a bid to further strengthen its ties with other countries, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs played host to the delegates from the Nasser fellowship for international leadership.

The delegates were received by Ambassador Ahmed Abdel Latif, Director of the Cairo Centre for Dispute Resolution and Peacekeeping, Ambassador Mohamed Jaber, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for African organisations and gatherings as well as Ambassador Ihab Badawi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs and International Security.

In their different speeches, they emphasized ways to activate the lessons learned from the Non-Aligned Movement, role of youth in South-South co-operation and the Bandung principles.

They further spoke on the importance of collaboration among the comity of nations to tackle climate change, food security and poor bilateral relationships.

In my remarks as a delegate from Nigeria, I made reference to the recent bilateral relationship facilitated by His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun CON between Ogun State Nigeria and Egyptian Government through National Service Project Organization to establish farm and cash crops plants at the Gateway International Agro Cargo Airport, ilisan, Ogun State being constructed by this administration.
This is one of the moves of the Governor to enhance food security while providing jobs for our teeming youths.

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Hence, I then charged the officials to build more productive bilateral relationships with other African States for the benefit of young people.

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