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Nigeria Police Ensures Tight Security At Eagles Square Prior To Inauguration



The Nigeria Police and all other security agencies have come hand in hand to prevent eventualities of insecurities during the forthcoming presidential inauguration which will be taking place in Abuja.

The Inspector General of Police said on thursday that to ensure a peaceful inauguration, security personnel have been deployed to all Nigerian borders, points of entry such as airports and seaports and the major exit points of Abuja, where the inauguration will hold.

The IGP also emphasised that the Nigeria Police Force has provided drones and helicopters for aerial coverage of the Capital city.

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The Inspector General of Police also advised that Nigerians who do not have business around Eagle square should steer clear as the security measures are being put in place to ensure serenity and orderliness.

The IGP also cautioned journalists to not spread false information and ensure to only spread correct information and adhere to journalism ethics in their stories.

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