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Neo-Black Movement, Remo Zone, Empowers Indigents, No Fewer Than 20 Widows



The Remo Zone, Neo-Black Movement of Africa is a global movement built on solid principles and is against all social vices.

The movement stands for humanitarian public service and international solidarity of all people regardless of their race, creed, ideology, religion and location.

NBM has highly-respected, responsible and award-winning members in all professions and other facets of life.

One of the NBM’s goal is Pan-Africanism and so abhors black-on-black violence. The group are committed to nation-building and making the world a better place.

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa, Remo Zone in their humanitarian services has donated a modern borehole at Awolowo market, Sagamu, as part of the group Community Social Responsibility (CSR) in bj contributing to the development of the town.

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Also, the group reached out to the members widows by empowering them.

The Eaglesforesight correspondent also gathered that in the recent pasts, it was recorded that the group hA reached out to less privileges in the community to as well assist them.

When accused of the movement logo, the chairman said, “We cannot be held to account for the plagiarising of our logo. We are working with security agencies to solve this problem.

“It is not a dumping ground for criminals. Individuals who commit crimes should be arrested and prosecuted instead of dragging the organization into it.

“Some members of other notable organizations have been involved in certain crimes but the outfits have not been dragged into their personal problems.

“We recognize that like every other organization, we have work to do. We condemn all forms of violence. We do not seek superiority of any kind.

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