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Meet Sagamu Local Government Past And Present Council Chairmen During Military And Democracy Regime



Image signpost, Sagamu Local Government erected at the council entrance

Sagamu Local Government was under former Political Administration network of Remo division of the defunct Western Region of Nigeria. The Geographical entity called Remo Zone became divisible on the 23rd September, 1991 when the Federal Military Government of Nigeria created more Local Governments.

This led to the creation of the Local Government form the then Remo Local Government Area namely; Ikenne and Sagamu Local Governments. Long before this, Sagamu Township stands at the apex of Political, Cultural and Economic activities and for a very long time to come, Sagamu will remain as a very important settlement in rendering of higher order service to other newly created Local Government.

The present Sagamu Local Government includes the territory of the older divisions of Offin, Makun and Ode-Lemo Local Councils. The Local Government by the virtue of its geographical location lies within the tropics. It bounded in the East by Ikenne Local Government, in the West and South Obafemi Owode Local Government in Ogun State, and Ikorodu Local Government in Lagos State.

The Local Government is peopled by all tribes in Nigeria though Remo dialect of Yoruba Language is the main Local Language. The Sabo Area of Offin, Sagamu, can be mistaken for any typical Northern Town for language, culture and setting. The main occupation of the people is farming while few engage in, Industrialization and Civil Service job.


Sagamu Local Government in its Geographical and Political Administrative Extension Spans a Total Area of 68.3 Square Kilometres. The climatic pattern of the Local Government is a subset of the humid tropical region, characterized by relative high temperature, apparent absence of cold session, Low Pressure and High relative Humidity.


As at 2006 Population Census, Sagamu Local Government Area has a total Population figure of about 253,421 people.


The Political Administrative seat of the Local Government is located in Sagamu Township. By all standard, Sagamu Local Government is an Urban Settlement given the available evidence of physical, Human Economic Development Com Social Infrastructure forming part of the familiar landscaping of the Local Government.

For Administrative convenience, Sagamu Local Government is divided into (15) Fifteen Political Wards, namely:

Ward 1 Oko, Epe & Soyindo

Ward 2 – ,Oko, Epe Itunla II

Ward 3 – Aiyegbami Ijoku

Ward 4 – Sabo 1

Ward 5 – Sabo II

Ward 6 – Itunsokun axis

Ward 7 – Ijagba

Ward 8 – Latawa

Ward 9 – Ode-lemo

Ward 10 – Ogijo, LIkosi

Ward 11 – Surulere

Ward 12 – Isote

Ward 13 – Simawa

Ward 14 – Agbowa

Ward 15 – Ibido/Itun Alara

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Below Are Listed Names Of The Past And Present Sagamu Local Government Council Boss During Military And Democracy Regime:

1. Aremo Bayode Oluwole (Elected Chairman) 1991-1993

Aremo Bayode Omololu Oluwole, first elected Chairman, Sagamu Local Government

Aremo Bayode Omololu Oluwole, first elected Chairman, Sagamu Local Government

2. Chief (Major) Adekunle Orekoya (Rtd) (Elected Chairman) 1993-1996

Chief (Major) Adekunle Orekoya (Rtd), Elected Chairman

Chief (Major) Adekunle Orekoya (Rtd), Elected Chairman

3. Late Chief S.K. Ogunsanwo (Simpata) (Elected Chairman) 1996-1997

4. Late Matthew Kayode Odulate (Elected Chairman) 1997-1998

5. Chief B. A. Alagbe (Caretaker Committee Chairman) 1998-1999

6. Prince Yahaya Adekoya Olodeoku (Elected Chairman 1999-2002) AD

7. Evang. S. O. Alebiosu (Transition Committee Chairman 2002-2003) AD

8. Otunba Bamgbola Akinsanya (Transition Committee Chairman Sagamu Central 2003) AD

9. Late Mr. Charles G. Odunukan (C.G.O.) (Transition Committee Chairman) (Sagamu West 2003) AD

10. Barrister Solarin (Sagamu South 2003) AD

11. Prince Daisi Akintan (Caretaker Committee Chairman 2003) PDP

Prince Daisi Akintan, Caretaker Committee Chairman

Prince Daisi Akintan, Caretaker Committee Chairman

12. Prince Daisi Akintan (Elected Chairman 2003-2007) PDP

Prince Daisi Akintan, Elected Chairman

Prince Daisi Akintan, Elected Chairman

13. Olootu Omoba Jimi Olatunji (Transition Committee Chairman 2007) PDP

Olootu Omoba Jimi Olatunji, Transition Committee Chairman

Olootu Omoba Jimi Olatunji, Transition Committee Chairman

14. Engr. Dipo Oyewole (Transition Committee Chairman 2007) PDP

Engr. Dipo Oyewole, Transition Committee Chairman

Engr. Dipo Oyewole, Transition Committee Chairman

15. Prince Daisi Akintan (Elected Chairman 2007) PDP

Prince Daisi Akintan, Elected Chairman

Prince Daisi Akintan, Elected Chairman

16. Hon. Olukayode Idowu Osho (Transition Committee Chairman 2011) ACN

Hon. Olukayode Idowu Osho

Hon. Olukayode Idowu Osho

17. Hon Femi Felix Kafaru (Transition Committee Chairman 2011) ACN

Hon Femi Felix Kafaru, Transition Committee Chairman 2011

     Hon Femi Felix Kafaru Transition Committee Chairman 2011

18. Hon Funmi Akinyebo Efuwape (Elected Chairman 2012 – 2015) ACN/APC

Hon. Efuwape Olufunmilayo

Hon. Efuwape Olufunmilayo

19. Hon Omosanya Lola Awoniyi (Hon. Faeco Vice Chairman and Transition Committee Chairman from 29th of July 2015 to 2016) APC

Hon Omosanya Lola Awoniyi

Hon Omosanya Lola Awoniyi

20. Hon Femi Felix Kafaru (Elected Chairman 2016-2019) APC

Hon Femi Felix Kafaru

                 Hon Femi Felix Kafaru

21. Hon Gbenga Banjo Baruwa (Transition Committee Chairman 2019-2021) APC

22. Ogbeni Jubril Afolabi Odulate (Elected Chairman, 2021-Till date) APC

Ogbeni Afolabi Jubril Olashile Odulate

Ogbeni Afolabi Jubril Olashile Odulate

Sagamu Local Govt. Secretariat Aiyepe

The Sagamu Local Government Secretariat is the administrative body responsible for the Local Government Area of Sagamu in Ogun State, Nigeria. The secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the local government and for implementing the decisions of the local government council.

However, Orisagamu shrine in Sagamu is also a tourist attraction, Orisagamu Ewa, by history, sprouted from a pot of beauty; hence the pot has water flowing out of it.

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