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Meet Comrade Ogundimu Aishat Pelumi, Contesting OOU Students Union Vice-President Election



Comrade Ogundimu Aishat Pelumi

Comrade Ogundimu Aishat Pelumi: My Agenda as Olabisi Onabanjo University Students’ Union Vice President 1

Ogundinu Aishat Pelumi otherwise known as Bosslady, has highlighted all she will do when elected as the Vice President 1 of the Olabisi Onabanjo University Students’ Union. She stated ther her agenda will revolve around promoting the welfare and interests of the students.

According to Bosslady; “Here is an extensive outline of my plans and commitments”:

1. Promoting Welfarism:

A) Addressing Dress Code and Hair Restrictions for Female Students:
I fully understand the discomfort that female students face due to restrictions on dressing and hairstyle. As a female student myself, I pledge to be their voice and advocate for their concerns. I will work closely with the elected president to address this issue effectively because nobody understands our gender better than we do.

B) Tackling Transportation Hikes and House Rent Increases:
I will collaborate with the president-elect to address the ongoing transportation hikes that burden our students. Additionally, I will actively participate in Community Development Association (CDA) meetings to represent students and advocate for reasonable reductions in house rents.

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C) Eliminating Unnecessary Fees, Starting with Technology Fees:
I am committed to putting an end to the technology fee by engaging with the university’s management. It is unjustifiable to continue charging students for a service that lacks purpose or benefit.

D) Empowering Students through Political Sensitization:
I will organize events focused on political sensitization, emphasizing the importance of female participation in politics. These events will address the challenges faced by both genders and provide strategies to overcome them. Together, we will work towards a society where gender does not limit political involvement.

E) Strengthening Academic Support:
To enhance academic support, I will establish academic committees within each faculty across all four campuses. Collaborating with other vice presidents, we will work tirelessly to ensure students’ academic concerns are addressed, including resolving issues related to results and academic progress.

F) Commitment to All Campuses:
I want to make it clear that the concerns and issues of all campuses are my concerns. I will not limit my efforts to the main campus but extend my reach and support to all university locations.

G) Introducing a Platform for Informed Discussions:
I will launch a platform for political discourse and critical thinking. The “Politics School of Thought” will be a forum where students can engage in discussions about national and student-specific issues. We will collectively seek solutions and advocate for our rights within the student union building.

In Conclusion:
I pledge to serve the interests of the students with unwavering dedication. If elected as Vice President 1, I will tirelessly work towards the betterment of the entire student body, addressing their welfare, academic concerns, and the need for informed, active participation in both university and national issues.

Your support will enable us to make meaningful changes and create a more inclusive, progressive, and student-focused Olabisi Onabanjo University. Together, we can achieve our goals and improve the university experience for all. Thank you for your trust and confidence in my candidacy.

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