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Kings Ambassador Habeeb Whyte, Appreciates Time 100 Writer’s, Astha For Listing Tinubu Among World Most Influential Person



Astha Rajvanshi, a staff writer for Time 100 has listed the Nigeria President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu among the world most influential person.

Though, Astha Rajvanshi, a staff writer for Time 100 has locked her Twitter account, an action which was believed to be connected with criticisms she has received over the inclusion of Nigeria’s president-elect, Bola Tinubu, on the latest Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

Rajvanshi received a bombardment of denigration on social media for the article she wrote for Tinubu, which painted his role as a “longtime political power broker” and his efforts in helping to restore Nigeria’s democracy in 1999.

However, Kings Ambassador Habeeb Whyte Esq, a writer and lawyer picked his pen to encourage Astha for doing the best she could do for posterity sake. He advised her to see what she is facing as one of the very few hazard of journalism, especially during this computer age system.

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Below read the full open letter as obtained by Eaglesforesight correspondent:

Dear Astha,

Dear Tell Magazine,

“I want to specially and on behalf of fellow progressives of the Nigerian Youth Constituency thank you for the recognition of our President-Elect, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the 19th Most Influential Man in the World. I am aware that for a man to win in a market place, he must first win in his workplace.”

“Our President-Elect is a man of great influence. His influential status has grown over the years within the world’s political space. Asiwaju’s influence on the growth of Africa is obvious, conspicuous and a delight in the face of every one of his admirers.”

“Tinubu is a Nigerian that stood firm for the growth of democratic principles of rule of law, equity and good governance in Nigeria.”

“I know that your choice of naming our President-Elect as one of the influential men in the world has been factored by many antecedents. I know that one of the antecedents has been his sterling contribution to Africa’s economy through his immense contribution to the growth of the modern day Lagos State, Nigeria – which by no means became a model for other States in Nigeria. By extension, Tinubu is one of the founders, image makers and patriots of modern Nigeria.”

  • Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Astha Rajvanshi

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Astha Rajvanshi

“He achieved this through his advocacy on National competence over National consensus. Asiwaju is a bridge builder across regional, ethnic and religious lines that are capable of uniting Nigeria. He is an exceptional manager of resources and a seasoned administrator and we are convinced that Nigeria would be catapulted to a greater height in the next dispensation.”

“Your recognition of our President-Elect came timely to expose the erratic nature of some Nigerians that are calling for your head. It is rather unfortunate.”

“This shows that some particular political sects who are fond of cyber stalking and bullying have once again stoop low to demean your professional integrity and ethics.”

“As a Nigerian, I must tender an unreserved apology for their unbecoming acts. I am aware that ranting of this nature would soon evaporate in the social media air because it is devoid of good intent.”

“I want to urge you to keep your head up, be strong and keep doing your best in changing the lines of journalism with your good reportage of the world’s activity.”

“Kindly take this as one of the unusual job hazards which would metamorphose to something great in time to come. I am aware that our President-Elect’s performance in office would justify your constructive and evidential view of his personality especially on Leadership soonest.”

Thank you once again.

Kings’ Ambassador Habeeb Whyte Esq.,

United Nations Award Winner,

ECOWAS Youth Ambassador,

Member – Royal Court of Ife Kingdom.

Lawyer and Author.

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