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Jagun Jagun: A Movie For The Future — Adedara Oduguwa, PhD



Jagun Jagun

As an embryonic documentary filmmaker and Producer, I watched this epic movie, Jagun Jagun with my six senses fully activated. The movie portrays Yoruba warriors as they were portrayed in Yoruba Folktales and historical books. This is a movie for the future.

At first, the characters were uniquely named deeply to express the plots and theme of their artificial existence. Ogundiji, Gbotija, Iroyinogunkintan/Agemo, Gbogunmi, Erinfuntan, Jigan, Amoye, Moyale, Oniketu, Ajitoni, Wehinwo, and Oba Alayaki among others.

Jagun Jagun has an A-class film sound, graphics and moving images. The movie editor was excellent in his interpretation of the role. It was a complete show of class and professionalism. The costumes portray actors’ roles in a realistic format, just like no one has seen before in a Yoruba or Nigerian movie.

The movie has two main characters; Ogundiji the warlord, who was never defeated in any war but decided to die in his war of ego, jealousy and power. After being widely known for his bravery and war sense, he waged a Cold War against his protege, Gbotija-a young man who decided to be a warrior to avenge the killing of his father and his people.

Gbotija joined the School of Warriors, soon he became so loved and influential by everyone. By this, the Warlord Ogundiji became jealous, and he set himself ablaze by setting tests against the son of destiny ‘Gbotija’ to get him executed.

Unfortunately for Ogundiji, Gbotija was the real Jagun Jagun. He passed all the tests and overcame these challenges. It was amazing to all and sundry, including the Jagun Jagun (Ogundiji).

In the process of crossing his path to destiny, Gbotija killed his heart rob’Kitan’ which made him revolt against Ogundiji.

Again, this movie Script writer must get an award for this. While Ogundiji was about to end the life of Gbotija, Erinfuntan his wife backstabbed him for betraying the oath of their marriage. This reality re-echoed something for men, women can give everything for free once you have intercourse with them, and they can also take everything from you, the moment you start laying with another.

Alaafia Garden, Villamond Investment Limited

Alaafia Garden, Villamond Investment Limited

The great fighter set himself ablaze because of ego, jealousy and hatred for a child of destiny. It was at the final combat that Gbotija got to know Ogundiji was the killer of his father and his people.

Gbotija stabbed the warlord according to his loved ones whose life were taken directly or indirectly by Jagun Jagun-Ogundiji.

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This movie won’t have been well scripted without the work of a historian. So, I quickly check that out from the Cast list. Only to discover Baba Adebayo Salami (Oga Bello) was the movie consultant. Some real Yoruba incantations were used (not fully) to give a real feel to it. I believe Mr Ibrahim Chatta must have played some role in that regard.

No single A-List Yoruba actor was missing except those on sabbatical! As a Screen Business researcher and historian, this is a movie for the future.

The movie theme includes:

1. Destiny: If you are destined to die young, no one can upturn your doomsday. And if you are born to live long, nobody can pluck you when unripe. Also, you will become what only God has said you will become.

2. Jealously: Never be jealous of a man/woman whose time has come. Be happy with your wins and focus on yourself not others.

3. God is the only Almighty: No matter the powers you have today, God can take it by using the smallest thing you so much underrated. Ogundiji underrated Gbotija, Erinfuntan and perhaps, anyone at all. He believed he was God and could do whatever he likes. He saw his Waterloo by doing so.

4. Love: Gbotija fought for love from beginning to end. He didn’t for once fight for revenge. At first, it was the love of his people and father that made him join the Army and later the love of his heart rob-Iroyinogunkintan, then the love of his comrade who Ogundiji kill one by one whenever he’s threatened by any of them.

5. Betrayal: This runs through the movie. First Ogundiji betrayed Gbotija by cheating him in the test. He betrayed his wife by having a son secretly even though he promised to remain without a child to his wife. Then, Erinfuntan betrayed him in the end, by using Agemo’s deadly weapon to stab him.

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Alaafia Garden, Villamond Investment Limited

Finally, again, just as a wise man told me ‘if you want to steal, steal alone.’ Any secret in the hand of a woman or anyone is no longer a secret. If you must maintain your power, don’t show anyone!

Jagun Jagun’s movie cannot be compared to any movie of this time. It’s a movie for the future. A movie in its class. Barr. Femi Adebayo showed he was born into the imaginary work of theatre.

I congratulate him for making an A-Class Chinese Temple Movie! I am proud of everyone on this set. Thank you for telling the African story in the African way.

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