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Israel Adesanya Ex-girlfriend Takes Him To Court To Get Half Of His Wealth; Says They ‘Dated For Too Long’



UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend reportedly takes legal steps to get half of his wealth.

Adesanya and Powdrell who hails from New Zealand were never married and she also did not have any child for the mixed martial artist but she believes she’s entitled to half of his assets because they dated for too long.

Adesanya and the woman, reportedly Charlotte Powdrell were never married but dated for a very long time.

On a podcast, UFC fighter Sean O’Malley was not impressed with the demands issued to Adesanya by the woman.

On his podcast, he said, “They are not married right they were never married I didn’t believe it she want’s half of his s*t.

“I don’t know how their relationship was ever because I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but to want half of his s*t to want half of what he’s gone out there and done is absolutely ridiculous.

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“I mean it’s hard to say who knows maybe if they were together for 15 years since the beginning and she didn’t work because she was constantly making him food massage and at the gym doing all this stuff for him.”

Adesanya through his skill as an elite fighter along with incredible business acumen has been able to build an empire.

The woman believes that she has a stake in Adesanya’s wealth for supporting him through the years to become UFC Champion.

While the specifics surrounding their finances and partnership are private, her legal action has ignited a discussion about what’s fair and deserved.

Most followers and commentators seem to agree with Adesanya and O’Malley here, feeling she is improperly trying to gain from his fame and fortune rather than the time and devotion they shared.

While some maintain she may have a legitimate claim if their agreement and the assistance she offered can be verified, it’s still uncertain how the lawsuit will turn out in the end.

The case has shown that even the most successful athletes aren’t free from personal and money issues.

This situation is improbable to divert Adesanya’s focus from his upcoming title defense against the winner of Dricus du Plessis and Robert Whittaker, but it’s been an embarrassing furor he could’ve done without.

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