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International Trade Expert, Omooba Ayoola Wants AU To Do More Over Sudan Crisis, Others



An international trade expert, Adekunle Adebayo Ayoola has said that the African Union (AU) should be more decisive in resolving the crisis tearing Sudan apart which is almost becoming a blood chilling civil war.

Adekunle Ayoola, a Nigerian based in Poland and an advocate of peace and prosperity in African soil disclosed that it was about time AU got tougher with the military misadventures in Sudan and roll out definite time the country must safely be returned to democratic path.

The trade expert said that now is the time for the AU to rise as a common front and use all the powers at its disposal to stop the ongoing madness in Sudan saying that what is paramount in African soil is peace and tranquility that will endanger its much desired economic growth and development.

Ayoola denounced the growing incidence of economic and political instability in the continent such as the ongoing ones in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia saying that it was no doubt a drawback to the realization of AU dreams and and aspirations.

He explained that; “the African Union has been actively involved in trying to resolve the Sudan Crisis, but not decisive enough to forestall ongoing ‘madness’ in the country. The AU has engaged in in-depth discussions around the issue in a more subtle way when they ought to have given a direction and timeline to return to popular democracy in the country.”

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“The crisis began with the overthrow of long-time dictator Omar Al-Bashir and has continued with ongoing violence between the military and a paramilitary group on one side and pro-democracy protesters on the other side.”

“The African Union seems to have been working to broker a peaceful transition to civilian rule and has been engaged in diplomatic efforts to bring all parties to the negotiating table.”

Though, AU seems to remain committed to finding a peaceful and democratic resolution to the crisis in Sudan but time is of the essence here, and the AU should double up efforts to stand up to this unacceptable crisis which is already becoming a civil war with many lives lost, thousands displaced already, this a case of one step forward and ten backwards in African democratic development.

Describing the Sudan crisis as totally unacceptable, Ayoola, a big fan of greatness and togetherness of Africa said, “my heart even bleeds when I see this yet-to- be verified video coming out of the Ethiopia /Sudan land border crossing with African Students being denied access to cross to Ethiopia’s border which is another flash point of the country’s internal crisis that had been on for some time now.”

“African Union we need peace in the continent and the earlier we all remain comitted to this peaceful co-existence while we amicably resolve our differences, the more we achieve the aim to make our motherland the pride of the world.”

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