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Imo Guber 2023: Embrace Spirit Of Sportsmanship, Work With Governor Elect — Hon. Uchechi Smart Advices Other Candidates



Hon. Uchechi Smart Akandu

Hon. Uchechi Smart Akandu who is a frontier supporter of Gen. Jack Ogunewe RTD, the Governorship candidate of Action Alliance Party in the just concluded Imo State November 11th, 2023 election, has advised all candidates and their supporters not to waste their time going to court demanding for justice. It’s better to congratulate the Governor elect, senator Hope Uzodima on his victory to work together in moving the State forward.

Hon. Akandu congratulates the governor elect, senator Hope Uzodima for the successful victory in the just concluded governorship election in Imo state, he said the election was well deserved.

Hon uchechi said; “I was at my home town Ubahi Amumara Ezinihitte Local Government to exercise my right as a Nigeria citizen and a son to the land, but I felt disappointed with what i saw at the election polling unit where agents of different parties were involved in vote buying, now there is a winner, why going to court?”

Hon. Uchechi Smart said, the election is very free at 27 Local Govt, what we’re seeing on social media is only the deputy governorship candidate of pdp that was having issue, but it was still free and fair election because the result makes it obvious that Apc did well.

“I want to appreciate His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his fatherly roles in Imo State and also the INEC officials for doing a great job. It was really an open ground for all to come out and vote”, Uche said.

“Had it been I didn’t go to Imo state to cast my vote, what I will be seeing is all this social media fallacies disseminating misinformation.”

“People came out to vote, no security agencies disturbed any one, no violence in the Local Government, it was one of the most peaceful election in the history of Imo state”, Hon. Smart mentioned.

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Hon Uchechi Smart Akandu called Gen. Ogunwe RTD. and all other candidates to show a hand of fellowships to the governor elect. “Let’s build Imo State of our dream, it’s not about going to court. Election has come and gone, let’s build our State with the Govenor elect, Senator Hope Uzodima for another four years.”

“Election is not a do or die, if your supporters did not do well, it’s a democratic challenge to prepare for the next election and plan ahead than going to court. With what I saw, the election was conducted without compromising, it was an open election for all candidates and at the end there was a winner. Let’s accept victory and defeat, work with him to take the state to a better place.”

Hon uchechi smart akandu encouraged the governor elect to call all candidates to brainstorm on how they can move the state forward.

Hon. Uche Congratulates Gen. Jack Ogunewe for his steadfastness and also encourages him to give a hand of friendship to the Governor elect. This is the time we can work on the security challenges of the state, using your experience when you are in the military sir.

Congratulations to you my principle you have fight a good fight God bless you, Hon. uchechi smart said.

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